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ZBL-09 "Snow Leopard" wheeled armored vehicle

The end of the Cold War and the easing of international relations, full-scale war between the great powers increasingly likely decrease. Sudden outbreak of short duration, high-intensity, small-scale regional conflicts and local wars to become the main features of the new era of armed conflict. Traditional heavy armor because the reaction is slow, slow, in dealing with this conflict seems clumsy, like anti-aircraft guns to fight mosquitoes, and has long been neglected lightly armed troops has shown a remarkable capacity to respond, wheeled infantry fighting vehicles its rapid reaction capability, easy to operate, highly mobile, a cost-effective features, has become a rapid reaction force of the main equipment.

The design looks similar to the VAB but is consistantly heavier (basic configuration of the VAB is 44), and larger. The hull is made of welded steel RHA, protected against 12.7 mm cal. rounds, with an overall combat weight of 15.3t, divided in three sections (front driver compartment, middle left engine compartment, rear troop compartment). The hull is NBC-proof, with an automatic fire suppression system and is fully amphibious, thanks to two rear propellers. A nose-mounted trim vane can be erected when swimming. The crew of three comprise the driver, commander and gunner, and 9 infantrymen are seated at the rear.

The mid-1990s, China struggled to meet the needs of the military set up a rapid reaction force, equipped with a ZSL-92 type 6 6 wheeled armored vehicle and its derivative family car. After weapons department does not slow down the pace to reach the world advanced level, have embarked on a 8 8 wheeled armored vehicle family developed.

In 2000, China's domestic three units out of chassis options, namely a heavy vehicle plant in Chongqing, Jinan, a northern China Heavy Truck Heavy Machinery and Automobile Group. CNHTC of Jinan, China, lacked the armored vehicle production experience, its program was eliminated in the primaries, so only two of the. Chongqing, a predecessor of the heavy vehicles factory production WZ-551 series armored arsenal, their newly developed wheeled infantry fighting vehicles in order to minimize technical risk, followed the WZ-551 central bridge drive.

Central Bridge Drive has a simple structure, small technical difficulty advantages, disadvantages is to limit the volume of the body. Formerly a heavy machinery plant is the production of the northern main battle tanks and North-Benz Heavy Duty Truck arsenal, it attempts to drive the H-type. H-type transmission structure is more complicated, but it can effectively increase the volume of the body, improve tire life. Suspension systems, a more conservative Chongqing programs, using a double wishbone adjustable gas spring suspension. Northern scheme employs an advanced and reliable "McPherson" independent suspension and adjustable gas spring trailing arm independent suspension. By comparison, the authorities chose the North program. In 2009, ZBL-09 "Snow Leopard" formally set production.

ZBL-09 "Snow Leopard" was developed by the China North Industries Corporation, a new type of wheeled armored vehicles, primarily for motorized infantry carry out offensive and defensive combat missions. It was first used 8 8 drive form, outstanding maneuverability, heavy firepower, protection force is good, the performance reached the world advanced level. It appears, marking the Chinese name of wheeled armored vehicles to achieve a breakthrough by the ZSL to ZBL (wherein B represents infantry fighting, S for delivery). ZBL-09 "Snow Leopard" design finalized in 2009, and to enter the international arms market, the export model VNI8 8 wheeled infantry fighting vehicles.

ZBL-09 "Snow Leopard" adopt international standard arrangement of wheeled chariot, power front design, this layout can be installed in the rear of the vehicle door large size, containing members on and off quickly and safely. Furnished with three crew members and seven out. Between the various compartments inside with noise, noise reduction, insulated bulkhead. Containing members of the cabin with shooting holes, enhanced ride equipped infantry combat abilities and fighting off their fire support capability.

ZBL-09 "Snow Leopard" features armored all-welded high-strength steel double turret, the main weapon for the 30 mm cannon, auxiliary weapons, including improved "Red Arrow"-73C anti-tank missiles and vehicle 7.62 mm parallel machine gun. Vehicle in stationary state short stop on stationary and moving targets in combat, and can effectively destroy enemy light armored targets, to suppress, destroy the enemy within 4000 meters of soil, wooden fortifications and effectives, but can also dive enemy aircraft at low altitude and helicopter gunships firing, with a certain self-defense against air combat capability.

ZBL-09 "Snow Leopard" uses 30 mm double turret, with the gunner equipped with their own observation devices, and has a simple fire control system, but with the world's most advanced anti-tank equipped with image stabilization on, with automatic tracking feature triple sight, and advanced thermal imager there is a certain gap.

Outstanding mobility is ZBL-09 "Snow Leopard" highlight. Because the drive wheels and more, not only increases the towing capacity, but also improves the capacity in difficult sections. The vehicle uses BF6M1015CP water-cooled diesel engines and mechanical transmission, the unit power of 15 kW / t, coupled with front four power steering, so it is easy to drive. "Snow Leopard" on the highway maximum speed of 100 km / h, cross-country average speed 40 km / h. Max.gradeability up to 30 , can cross the 1.8-meter-wide moat, through 0.55 m perpendicular wall, highway travel 800 kilometers. The vehicle also has a water floating crossing ability, "Snow Leopard" is used in tire paddling forward, compared with foreign countries using jet propulsion system speed to slightly inferior, but no preparation can, through waves of not more than three inland rivers and lakes. As the "Snow Leopard" is used AMT mechanical automatic transmission, the vehicle starts and shifting ride with the advanced countries have adopted an AT automatic transmission fluid there is a certain gap.

Wheeled armored vehicles to improve road capacity, ZBL-09 "Snow Leopard" configuration of the computer-controlled central charge and discharge gas system will enable all or individual tire pressure increase or decrease within a few minutes to a predetermined value, and enhance the vehicle in the swamp soft sand zone capacity. Using tires 14.00R20-18PR all steel radial tire safety, it can run after being hit at 30 to 40 km / h speed for 100 kilometers even if all are damaged.

ZBL-09 "Snow Leopard" fully reflects the modular armor design concept, through the "matrix composite armor plate +" form, the installation of ceramic armor suit of armor, armored vehicles to meet the protection requirements. This model is also in line with international protection wheeled armored vehicle protection on mainstream trends. The vehicle maximum protection class front 1000 m 25 mm armor-piercing incendiary anti-, anti-l2.7 mm side 100 meters armor-piercing incendiary. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with international standard in addition to the collective three defense equipment and automatic fire extinguishing devices, installed on both sides of the turret is still a unique smoke bomb launchers, smoke can be made ??when necessary to effectively circumvent effectively improve the battlefield viability.

The vehicle alleged communication by the communication and GPS satellite positioning device composed by radio to achieve inter-vehicle voice communication and digital transmission. Navigation system uses GPS positioning navigation systems (integrated display), the realization of the process of moving chariot positioning and map navigation functions, and can display real-time target current location on WGS-84 coordinate system coordinate data, longitude, latitude, direction angle, speed, time, information such as driving directions. Meanwhile, the chariot accurately display the current location on an electronic map. The unique modular design concept vehicle designed by the power, transmission, action, manipulation, body and coat arms six basic modules, through a combination of different modules to achieve a variety of chassis variants, which are matched with the needs of a variety of combat integrated. The modular design can improve the interchangeability of family of vehicles, which will help logistics maintenance support.

Good human environment is to improve equipment performance, an important way to improve the combat effectiveness. The vehicle implementing the "people-oriented" design principle, so multiply, containing members with safe, comfortable interior environment. Engine compartment bulkhead sound and heat insulation materials can effectively reduce noise and heat transfer. Ceiling-mounted carrier's seat from the bottom of the shock wave can effectively reduce the damage on the carrier member. Heating and air conditioning systems containing members can change the cockpit and cabin temperature, improve the bearing member of the working environment comfortable.

The modular design of the vehicle, by the power, transmission, action, manipulation, body and coat arms six basic modules, through a combination of different modules to achieve a variety of chassis variants, which are matched with the needs of a variety of combat, integration. The modular design can improve the interchangeability of family car, which will help logistics maintenance support.

In general, "Snow Leopard" the same type of performance and equipment performance is quite international, and in some aspects surpassed the world advanced level.

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