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Z-8 Helicopter (Super Frelon) - Variants

  • Z-8 anti-submarine alert type: SA-321 modified version purchased by France, equipped with radar and torpedo rack

  • Z-8 long-range detection type: SA-321 retrofit type purchased by France, equipped with optical and electronic detection equipment, used for scientific research in Antarctica.

  • Z-8A domestic transport type : Chinese-made version of about 70% of the parts domestically produced, a small number produced in the 1990s for the Navy and Marine Corps.

  • Z-8JH ambulance medical type : ambulance released in 2008, equipped with medical equipment.

  • Z-8F universal transport type : the latest modification of Zhi-8A, started development in 2002, first flight on August 28, 2004, completed the plain test flight in April 2005, and October 23 the same year with November 7th, test flight in the plateau area. This model is mainly equipped with Canadian Pratt & Whitney PT6B-67A engine. The maximum take-off power was increased to 1,448 kilowatts, the ceiling was increased to 4,700 meters, and the effective hover increased from 1,900 meters to 2,800 meters. The engine can be started at a altitude of 4,500 meters, and the first rollover period of the engine is increased to 3500 hours. Sand intake is added to the air intake. The original metal blades were replaced by composite blades with de-icing capabilities .
  • Z-8F AEW airborne early warning type: modified Zhi-8F Shipborne airborne early warning type , equipped with a large folding radar.
  • Z-8F maritime defense type: modified armed aircraft appeared in the dispatch fleet of Aden Bay, equipped with infrared devices, 12.7mm machine guns, torpedo hangers.

  • Zhi-8G plateau defense type: designed for the low-density air flying environment above the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, with a flight height of more than 8 kilometers.

  • Z-8K/KA airborne search type: Z-8F variant equipped by Air Force to enhance infrared and night vision capabilities. Most paints are blue camouflage.

  • Z-8L wider-body helicopter is a major improvement of Z-8 helicopter. It mainly widens the fuselage so that it could carry Shanmao (Bobcat) high-mobility tactical vehicles, and thus improves combat capability of Chinese Army’s landing forces. . It has been improved in terms of engines and electronic systems, thereby effectively enhancing the performance of the helicopter. And Z-8L wider-type helicopter might be equipped with China’s domestic WZ-10 turboshaft engines, which is used on Z-20 "Copyhawk" tactical helicopters which were developed along the lines of the “Black Hawk” utility helicopter. The Z-8L wide body type can increase the external weight of 5 tons, can lift domestic AH-4 type 155 mm ultra-light howitzer to perform mobile fire strike tasks.

  • Z-18 big change : Based on the original Zhi-8F, replace the main rotor and tail slurry with composite materials, improve the transmission system, replace high-power engines, improve the avionics system; change the ship type of the original aircraft The bottom was changed to a flat bottom design and the pontoon was eliminated; short wings were added on both sides of the fuselage, and landing gear was placed in the short wings of the fuselage. In the early days of the Z-8 big change, foreign BK2500 or TV7-117V engines may be used, and later changed to domestic WZ10 engines. The new number is allegedly Zhi-18.

  • AC313 : Civil model of Zhi-8. Based on the original model, the latest technology is adopted, and the civilian helicopter independently developed in accordance with international airworthiness standards and airworthiness certification procedures.
  • AC313A, from the picture, it seems to be a Z-8L wide body civilian model. However, the technical progress of the straight 8 wide body type is not only reflected in the widened fuselage. It has been improved in terms of engine and electronic system, thus effectively enhancing the performance of the helicopter. Prior to this, relevant Chinese units had disclosed some technical information on the domestic AC313A helicopter. AC313A also improves maintainability, improves use efficiency, and reduces full life cycle costs. It has installed a helicopter health management system (HUMS) and an anti-icing system to improve the helicopter's ability to perform tasks in complex meteorological and geographic environments. In particular, the HUMS system is critical to improving helicopter reliability, maintainability, and dispatch efficiency. It can monitor the vibration level of the three major moving parts of the helicopter in real time, and perform vibration analysis and processing in combination with flight status parameters. When the vibration exceeds the limit, it gives warning information. If a data link/communication system is installed, helicopter information can also be transmitted to the ground in real time. Ground personnel can determine the helicopter fault location or maintenance measures in advance according to the relevant information, which not only saves time for troubleshooting, but also reduces workload .

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