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SA 321 Super Frelon / Z-8

The Super Frelon first flew in 1962. The Super Frelon was produced in a civilian transport version and military transport, anti-submarine, and anti-ship versions. The six-blade main rotor is mounted above center of fuselage. Of the three turboshaft engines, two are mounted side-by-side atop the fuselage forward of main rotor; the third is behind the main rotor. Round air intakes are located above and behind cockpit. Boat-hull type fuselage mounts stabilizing floats on either side of the body, which has fixed landing gear and an upswept rear section. The nose is round with glassed-in cockpit. The tail boom tapers from the main body to the swept-back, tapered fin with a rotor on the left. The single flat is tapered and and flat-mounted on the right side of the fin.

The Z-8 is the Arospatiale SA321 built in China by Changhe.

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