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Zhi-8G / Zhi-18A

The Zhi-8G (previously called Zhi-18A) three-engine large transport helicopter developed at the same time has begun to be equipped with the air burst brigade of ground aviation. This is the latest transport helicopter of Army Aviation, but the Internet continued rumors that China is still developing a Z-8 wide-body helicopter. the Zhi-8G, in addition to the drastically modified shape, is equipped with a satellite device similar to the Zhi-20, and can carry 30 soldiers to fly up to 1,000 kilometers. If there is a need to fly further, the Zhi-8G it is necessary to install this detachable fuel tank, but the carrying space will obviously be greatly reduced.

At the beginning of 2018, the Chinese Army Aviation ushered in a brand-new aircraft type. The Zhi-18A helicopter is officially installed in an air assault brigade (Army Aviation) of the 83rd Army of the Army. The Zhi 18A inherits the AC313's super powerful plateau with a maximum height of 8000 meters. The flight capability, which can carry both people and bobcat assault vehicles or other materials through the tailgate, is perfectly matched with the Z-20, which focuses on personnel transportation, and will provide a new platform for the transformation of the Chinese Army Aviation Force into an air assault force. Especially when fighting on the plateau, the Straight 18A will be of great use. The three-engine can reserve a large surplus power for this model, which is very conducive to the execution of transportation tasks on the plateau.

The current main 13-ton large transport helicopters of the Chinese Army Aviation Force are the Zhi-8 series, mainly Zhi-8B. As is well known, the Z-8 series originated from the main model SA.321 "Super Hornets" helicopters in France from the 1970s to the present, which were originally introduced and used by the Navy. For the different needs of the army compared to the navy, the Z-8 was the first to develop the Z-8A, mainly for weight reduction, increase in lift, and increase in engine power. However, during the actual trial, it was found that the Zhi-8A had the problems of complex mechanical structure, low reliability, and backward airborne equipment. This also prompted the Army to purchase Mi-17/171 series helicopters to meet the needs of Army aviation.

The three previous models of the Zhi-18 series were used for naval purposes, namely early warning aircraft, key personnel conveyors and anti-submarine warfare helicopters. The Zhi-18A uses similar technologies to the above three helicopters, such as the use of lightweight composite materials and very similar "glass cockpits." The appearance of the Zhi-18A is characterized by a flatter nose and a photoelectric detection device. In addition, compared with the navy type, its main landing gear part is not equipped with floats. The field of view is better than that of the navy straight 18, and there is a small terrain tracking radar under the nose, while the navy straight 18 follows the design of the civilian AC313. T

After the development of Zhi-8F and AC313, a large number of advanced technologies, including computer integrated avionics system and vitrified cockpit, PT6C turboshaft engine, composite material propeller, air intake and sand prevention device, etc. have gradually been gradually adopted. Straight-8B absorption. Coupled with the replacement of complex material rotors, computer integrated avionics systems and vitrified cockpits, and improved designs for the reliability of airborne equipment and materials, this has resulted in a large number of Z-8B equipment. By 2018, the Z-8B equipped by the Chinese Army is about 150-200, accounting for 1/5-1/6 of the total fleet.

However, the Zhi-8B is not the main target, and the Zhi-18 is the real 13-ton replacement. Compared with the Zhi-8B, the Zhi-18 uses a turboshaft-6C engine, and the power of a single unit is increased to 1,300 kilowatts, so the total power of the three engines is increased by 3,900 kilowatts. Thanks to the increase in engine power, the Zhi-18 has a 5 ton external hanging capacity, which can realize the task of carrying the 96-type 122 mm howitzer and the new ultra-light 155 mm howitzer. The plateau performance has also been greatly improved, and the ceiling has been created with a ceiling of 9,000 meters. record. In addition, the electronic system of the Zhi-18 should be further improved, and it will be the main large-scale transport helicopter for the Chinese army in the future.

However, the Z-18 still has a significant shortcoming, that is, the body is too narrow, which is a common problem of the SA321 series, and the Z-18 does not solve this problem. Due to the insufficient width of the cargo compartment and the high height, the space utilization efficiency of the cabin is low, which limits the specifications of motor vehicles that often need to be transported when performing landing tasks. There are rumors that China is developing a new type of straight-8 wide. If the development is successful, the Zhi-8/18, the largest helicopter currently available in China, will greatly expand its mission range and become an excellent platform for the Chinese Armys aviation.

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