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Z-11 light military transport helicopter

Variants specs for Z-11, minor variations for variants
  • Z-11 - Base Series Designation; civilian market form.
  • Z-11E - Export Variant
  • Z-11J - Military variant
  • Z-11MB1 - Outfitted with alternative French-based Arriel 2B1A series turboshaft engine
  • Z-11ME1 - well attested variant designation, no reported particulars
  • Z-11W - Armed military variant for multirole use
  • CZ-11W - Armed light-attack platform with either Chinese or French engine; revamped over-battlefield capabilities and systems
  • Z-11WA - Military scout platform
  • Z-11WB - Armed attack-reconnaissance variant; all-new cockpit; revised weapons support and capabilities; multirole functionality
  • Dimensions:
    Main rotor diameter10.690m
    Main rotor area 89.8 m2 (967 sq ft)
    Tail rotor diameter1.860m
    Whole length13.012m
    Fuselage length11.240m
    Weight and Load:
    Empty weight1253kg
    Max take-off weight2200kg
    Normal take-off weight2000kg
    Fuel capacity: 423 kg (933 lb) maximum
    Powerplant 1 Liming WZ-8 turboshaft engine,
  • 510 kW (680 hp) for take-off
  • 450 kW (603 hp) max. continuous
  • 350 kW (469 hp) cruise
  • Performance(Normal takeoff weight, flight altitude 1000m, ISA)
    Max Speed170 mph (280 kph; 150 kts)
    Max cruising speed238km/h
    Economic cruising speed218km/h
    Max inclined climbing rate9.0m/s
    Range600km / 375 miles
    Hovering IGE (IGE altitude 1.5m, ISA)3700m
    Hovering OGE (ISA)2930m
    Service ceiling5200m / 17,000 feet
    Rate of climb 10 m/s (2,000 ft/min) at sea level
    Crew 1
    Capacity 6

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