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AS 350 Ecureuil

The single engine AS 350 Ecureuil [Squirrel] is renowned for its high performance, its safety and its reduced operating costs. The single-engine AS 350B2, powered with a Turbomeca Arriel 1D1 engine, has a proven track record. Its flexibility and low acquisition cost has made it a very sought-after helicopter to perform a wide range of missions (passenger transport, aerial work, fire fighting...). Its design calls for widespread use of composite materials (airframe, "StarflexT "main rotor head, main blades , beam type tail rotor, etc...)

The AS 350B3 is "the high performance" version of the single engine Ecureuil range. Powered by a Turbomeca Arriel 2B turbine engine it is equipped with the FADEC system (Full Authority Digital Engine Control).It is totally suited for operations in conditions such as mountainous areas or hot countries or for very demanding missions, performance wise. The AS350 B3 outclasses all other single engine helicopters for performance, versatility, safety and competitive acquisition and maintenance costs. It excels in hot conditions and very high altitudes, and broke records when a standard production aircraft landed on the top of Mount Everest in 2005 (altitude: 29,029 ft / 8,848 m). Eurocopter is taking this aircraft to a whole new level with the enhanced AS350 B3e.

The powerful, high-performance AS350 B3e is designed to carry out the most demanding missions in the most extreme weather and geographical conditions. Its exceptional lifting capability, high endurance, extended range and fast cruise speed make the AS350 B3e the leader in its class. Another world record: An AS350 B3 climbed to 3,000 meters / 9,900 ft in 2 minutes 21 seconds and made a world record landing on Mount Everest.

The AS350 B3e is a member of Eurocopter's rugged and proven Ecureuil family. Some 4,900 Ecureuils have been delivered in 98 countries for some 1,600 operators. These aircraft have cumulated more than 22 million hours. More than 900 AS350 B3 series are currently in-service worldwide, and are mainly used for high performance missions in "high and hot" conditions.

Passenger transportation
Configuration Pilot Passenger
High density version 1 6
Standard version 1 5
Comfort version 1 4/5
Air medical transportation
Configuration Pilot Doctor Stretcher
Casualty evacuation 1 2 1
Load transportation
Configuration Pilot Load in cabin
Cargo carrying 1 105.9 ft3 (3 m3)
Maximum takeoff weight
With the optional "kit to increase Internal Gross Weight"
4,960 lb / 2,250 kg
5,225 lb / 2,370 kg
Maximum takeoff weight with external load 6,172 lb / 2,800 kg
Maximum cargo-swing load 3,086 lb / 1,400 kg
1 TURBOMECA ARRIEL 2D turbine engine
Takeoff power on AS350 B3e 847 shp / 632 kW
Performance at Max. GROSS WEIGHT, ISA, SL
Maximum speed (Vne)
155 kts / 287 km per hr
Fast cruise speed 140 kts / 345 nm
Range with standard tank 127 kts / 638 km
Max Endurance 4 hrs 23 min
Rate of climb 1,959 ft per min / 10 m per sec
Service ceiling 16,550 ft / 5,044 m
Hover ceiling IGE 13,200 ft / 4,023 m
Hover ceiling OGE 11,100 ft / 3,383 m
Operation Limitations
Maximum altitude (PA)
23,000 ft / 7,010 m
Minimum temperature - 40C / -40F
Maximum temperature ISA + 35C / 95F, limited to + 50C / 122F

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