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AC311 Light Civil Helicopter

Chinese state-owned helicopter-maker Avicopter completed the design of its 2-ton civil helicopter, the AC311, and planned to build one in time for China's Zhuhai air show in November 2011. China Aviation Industry's (AVIC) Helicopter Design Institute completed the design work. An AC311 multi-purpose helicopter made its first test flight in Tianjin, north China, Nov. 8, 2010. The first light civilian helicopter developed and manufactured in China made its successful maiden flight in northern port city of Tianjin. The AC311 was due to be certified in November 2011, with deliveries beginning by year-end. It had already secured orders from Chinese customers. The customers are the Guizhou city police force and the Tianjin Binhai police force, each with an order for one AC311. The AC311 helicopter was expected to obtain a type certificate from China's civil aviation authorities in October 2011 and go on the market in 2012.

Near the bottom of Avicopter's type spectrum, the two-ton AC311 helicopter, developed and manufactured by the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), has a seating capacity of six. Avicopter plans to market the aircraft internationally. Applications for the locally developed helicopter include flight training, policing, communication command, aerial photography, medical aid, power line patrol, forest fire prevention, pest control and other general aviation services. The helicopter is designed for large-scale industrial production and will be competitively priced. It is expected that the market demand for this type of helicopter will reach 500 in the next 10 years.

The aircraft was equipped with a fuel-efficient engine, a durable and flexible composite rotor system, and a highly integrated avionics system. The AC311 is powered by one Honeywell LTS101-700D-2 turboshaft engine. Composite materials are widely used in the rotor head, main blades and tail blades. The main cabin is made of composite materials, but the tail structure is aluminum to keep the price down. The AC311 will be equipped with an advanced avionics system and the cabin will have sound absorption materials. Its technology and performance are close to the international advanced level. In terms of cost, it is about 10 to 15 percent less than similar products from other manufacturers.

The AC311A helicopter is a two-ton general-purpose helicopter, which is an improved product based on the AC311 helicopter. On August 16, 2016, it obtained the Type Certificate (TC Certificate) issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China. Compared with the AC311 helicopter, the AC311A has more prominent features in terms of plateau performance, comfort, reliability, and ease of maintenance. It can be widely used in emergency rescue, air patrol, medical rescue, sightseeing, and aerial photography.

On the one hand, the Helicopter Institute pays attention to the exploration of cutting-edge technology, and has broken through a number of key civil aircraft airworthiness technologies, such as emergency floating system, helicopter cockpit design specifications, helicopter fuel system crash design and verification technology, helicopter lightning protection design and verification technology Research, dry operation and verification technology of transmission system, navigation database and management technology based on performance navigation operation rules, etc. On the other hand, we will steadily promote the refinement and comfort design, and jointly carry out continuous industrialization improvement work with the aviation industry Changfei, fully consider the needs and opinions of different customer groups, and strive to create high-quality helicopters to meet users' pursuit of high-quality riding experience.

For example, the VIP interior of the AC311A model integrates the design of bulkhead trim panels, sound insulation and heat insulation, seat decoration, and cabin lighting. The main color of the cabin is light beige, which has the effect of magnifying the space in the cabin visually, giving people a noble temperament; the surface of the decorative panel is covered with noise-absorbing foam material and leather, which adds a soft atmosphere. The comfort design of the VIP helicopter plays an important role in promoting the establishment of its own brand of AC311A helicopter.

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