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Xianglong - Payloads

Xianglong / Flying Dragon HALE UAVThe "Xianglong" UAV uses a large number of composite materials. With a diamond-shaped layout, the fuselage curve is continuous and smooth, are consistent with the principle of reducing the RCS reflection area. The aircraft's radar cross-sectional area is not large, presumably less than the typical fighter target, plus the use of composite materials and absorbing materials, RCS estimated at about 1 square meters, shortening the distance between remote surveillance radar and high altitude defense system. Overall, when the flight height of 20,000 meterss, defense such as SAM-2 with a range of 40 km, at best only defends positions within a radius of less than 15 km radius, and Patriot 1/2 is less than 30 km. Unmanned aerial vehicles at this height can use optical reconnaissance equipment in the area outside this coverage, and synthetic aperture radar can also range farther away, so the system survivability is very high.

"Xianglong" UAV is able to ensure that more than 10 hours of mission time, cruising speed of more than 750 km / h, 15% faster than the "Global Hawk", the effective payload of 650 kg, more than double compared to the "Predator". The electronic equipment carried by the machine is similar to the "Global Hawk", with high-definition digital cameras, including monochrome high-resolution and color images in two modes, can provide high-resolution static reconnaissance photos for reading and discrimination; High-definition digital TV, able to provide dynamic digital video images for real-time monitoring, video signals and night vision capabilities, independent infrared thermal imaging channel, can provide 8 to 12 microns long wave natural heat radiation video or more advanced high Clarity staring at 3 to 5 microns in the wave of thermal imaging, which the machine power maneuvering target observation better.

Advanced synthetic aperture radar and inverse synthetic aperture radar does not necessarily appear in every reconnaissance plane, because the cost of this radar is relatively high. Radar can obtain high-definition terrain 3D images in harsh climates with maneuvering target tracking and monitoring capabilities in harsh climates, often for higher levels of reconnaissance and surveillance tasks, in conjunction with optical reconnaissance components.

"Xianglong" unmanned aerial vehicles may be equipped with several sets of parallel communication system, multi-channel tactical short-wave digital radio stations can be used directly with the ground command post, ground information sharing units of direct contact and information broadcast, allowing the authorized information channel Download permission to lower combat units, such as division, brigade, group and so on. The aircraft also has a higher transmission speed of the directional communication device, with the ground receiving station or satellite for point-to-point high-speed data transmission.

In addition, "Xianglong" UAV can also replace the modular head of the electronic task cabin, the implementation of digital communications relay task, take on a very high signal forwarding tower role. For a similarity to the concept of cellular mobile communications, an UAV station operates at a height of 20,000 meters and can provide relay and digital switching for hundreds of thousands of wireless shortwave communications with a radius of 200 km. At the same time, it also allows the same mission of the unmanned aerial vehicles in the sky in the network, to achieve the temporary erection of wireless digital communications relay switching network, which was previously used to achieve the same purpose of the aircraft to be much cheaper, but to be several times higher.

In addition to communication relay, "Xianglong" can also perform the task of electronic interference. The weight of an electronic jamming pod is not great. The task load of "Xianglong" can allow the use of two pods, the interference source is set at a height of 18,000 meters above the height, and is not susceptible to the threat of anti-radiation missile. In particular, the use of new GPS jammers, "Xianglong" load allows more than 20 different principles of GPS jitter, can effectively interfere with and suppress the radius of 400 km within a simple GPS device, and the suppression of a radius of 150 km within a certain resistance Interference capability of the GPS receiver , and 60 km radius within the GPS receiver blinding.

In the case of the use of only 100 kilograms of optical reconnaissance equipment, the "Xianglong" UAV can carry 1 or 2 FT-3 250 kg class guided bombs, the initial implementation of the CIA in Afghanistan research results - "search and destroy". This may be further expanded, to also use laser-guided bombs or C-701 class of TV-guided missiles. This "fashionable" ability is very effective in the operation of asymmetric operations, is a focus on the future direction of development.

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