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Xianglong - Design

Xianglong / Flying Dragon HALE UAVThe Zhuhai air show displayed "Xianglong" high-altitude long flight UAV, that is China's own research and design of a large UAV. And the United States application of several unmanned aerial vehicles, "Xianglong" UAV did not blindly pursue the performance of high indicators, all to the domestic practical conditions and user needs. Because there is no strong US global strategic requirements, the aircraft flying time is not a very high demand, size and weight load are less than the "Global Hawk". However, this does not mean that the machine is a low-performance version compromise "global hawk", on the contrary, there is another larger domestic UAV for the implementation of similar to the "global hawk" task. "Xianglong" is located between the "predator" and "Global Hawk".

This design mainly takes into account the use of UAV conditions in China and the difference between the United States - high-altitude cruise reconnaissance capability is the main, when necessary, can quickly drop the high degree of implementation of tactical reconnaissance and close identification tracking task. China's surrounding environment is worse than the United States, neighboring countries have mostly deployed SAM-2 and Patriot class of high-altitude defense system. The 18000 ~ 20000 meters height of most air defense missiles are difficult to deal with maneuvering target, F-16 fighter class limit of most of this is only 15000 meters, a little better F-15 fighter is only about 18,000 meters. "Xianglong" type of UAV has more than 20,000 meters of flight capacity, the interception is not as easy as imagined. This is the same as in the 1960s against the US U-2 reconnaissance aircraft is the same, the only difference is that the UAV system is much cheaper.

"Xianglong" unmanned reconnaissance aircraft in the body design is very similar with the United States, "Global Hawk" high-altitude long flight surveillance UAV with the fuselage tail dorsal fin equipped with composite engine compartment, the inlet shape for the semi-oval. The upper part of the nose is also a huge streamline blister-shaped insulation cover. The payload is mounted on the lower part of the nose. The landing gear is also retractable for the first three landing gear.

"Xianglong" design there are many unique advantages points, such as taking into account the need for rapid assembly and all components installed can be shipped in a Y-8 / C-130 air box. At the same time, to be able to only two to three people in the case, the aircraft only 30 minutes can be assembled to the state can be used. Therefore, there are special restrictions on the scale design of some aircraft structures. "Xianglong" body length of 14.9 meters, wingspan of 25 meters, the wing can be removed by fast bolts, wing root specifically increased the strength and lengthen the chord length, is conducive to decentralized concentrated load.

Removing the wing length of about 12.3 meters, can be tied side by side on the fuselage fixed, tail in the tail specially designed the boss, but also through the fast head bolts fixed. The fixed points attached to the front and rear wings are fixed on the wings by means of bolts at a position around 70% of the full span, through a small vertical stabilizer. This position takes full account of the aerodynamic efficiency of the wing layout and the structural effects of the aircraft wing. Vertical tail can be removed separately, the whole plane can be loaded into a width of not more than 2 meters of the box, the use of tactical transport aircraft for transport. The future may be the original fuselage independent design, can quickly be disassembled. Forward fuselage mainly electronic cabin, separate packaging and transport in favor of electronic equipment maintenance, but can also form a modular front fuselage, with interchangeable. Wing components and power components are also possible to form a modular design that allows for greater flight altitude by replacing larger wings, or greater power components for greater flight weight and payload.

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