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Type 89 Armored Personnel Carrier

The Type 89 APC is believed to be the successor to the older Type YW 531 series of full-tracked vehicles. The Type 89 is almost identical to the Type 85 (Type 89) but the latter has a slightly shorter and narrower hull.

The Type 89 has an all-welded hull and is fully amphibious, being propelled through the water by its tracks. The driver sits at the front of the vehicle with the commander to his rear. Specifications for the Type YW 534 are provided in the lists and paragraphs that follow. The Type 89 has a torsion-bar suspension with each side having five dual rubber-tired road wheels, a drive sprocket at the front, idler at the rear and track return rollers.

The engine compartment is to the right of the driver with the air-inlet and air-outlet louvers in the roof and the exhaust outlet on the right side.

The Type 89 has a driver's left-opening single-piece hatch cover and three forward-facing periscopes, one of which can be replaced by an infrared device for night driving. It also has a commander's single-piece hatch cover with an integral vision device, a large troop compartment door at the rear where that has a vision block and firing port, a single circular roof hatch on each side in the forward part of the troop compartment roof and two oblong roof hatches to the rear of the 12.7mm machine gun installation.

It also has a bank of four smoke dischargers mounted on each side of the forward part of the hull.

There are two firing ports and periscopes in the left side of the hull and three or four firing ports and periscopes in the right side. The firing ports are fitted with ball and socket type mountings for rifles. (Other vehicles have been seen with three firing ports and periscopes in the left side and four in the right.)

A trim vane is erected at the front of the vehicle before it enters the water.

The Type YW 534 can cross a 2.5-meter trench, mount a 0.7-meter vertical step, climb a 60-percent grade, climb a 40-percent side slope and can ford amphibiously.

The Type 89 has a 12.7-mm heavy machine gun with a load of 1,100 rounds. The 12.7-mm machine gun has no overhead protection for the gunner.

China maintains roughly 300 Type-89 APC's in operation

The Type 89 has been exported to or fielded by Albania, Iraq, North Korea, Sudan, Tanzania, Vietnam, and Zaire.


  • YW 307 IFV. This version is essentially the Type YW 534 with a one-man turret, an external-mounted 25-mm cannon, a 7.62-mm machine gun and smoke dischargers. The basic ammunition load is 400 rounds of 20-mm and 1,000 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition. The YW 307 is similar to the type YW 534 except that it has a combat weight of 15,400 kg and carries seven troops plus its crew of three.
  • ATGW Carrier. This anti-tank guided weapons carrier is believed to be based on the Type YW 534 series of APCs; although it could just as well be based on the Type 85 (YW 531 H) series. On top of the raised rear hull is a turret with four Red Arrow 8 ATGWs in the ready to launch position. Additional missiles are carried in reserve in the hull. The same turret has been fitted to the YW 531 series of vehicles.
  • Type 85. Armoured recovery vehicle, same variant can also be used as a maintenance vehicle

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