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Type 89 Armored Personnel Carrier

Development date1983 ~ 1990
manufacturerChina North Industries Group North Vehicle Company (618 Factory)
Combat Weight14,300 kg
Hull Height1.88 m
Length6.15 m
Width3.134 m
Height over turret2.556 m
Track2.626 m
Track Width360 mm
Track Length (on ground)3.425 m
Crew2 + 13 Passengers
Protection system fully enclosed steel armor and truss structure.
ArmorHomogeneous steel, resistant to firearms below 12.7mm
Main weapon 12.7mm caliber high flat dual purpose machine gun
engine BF8L413F 8-cylinder air-cooled supercharged and inter-cooled diesel engine
power320 hp (235 kW)
Max Road Speed65 km/h
Max Water Speed5-6 km/h
Max Road Range500 km
Maximum climbing degree: 32 degrees.
power 21.8 hp / ton, most
Mechanical control, independent suspension,
  • 5 pairs of road wheels,
  • 3 pairs of supporting pulleys,
  • cylinder hydraulic shock absorber,
  • front driving wheel.
  • YW534 armored transport vehicle (for export)
  • WZ534I/ZSD-89 armored transport vehicle
  • WZ534II/90 infantry fighting vehicle (turned to export)
  • ZDF-89 "Red Arrow-8" anti-tank missile launch vehicle. This anti-tank guided weapons carrier is believed to be based on the Type YW 534 series of APCs; although it could just as well be based on the Type 85 (YW 531 H) series. On top of the raised rear hull is a turret with four Red Arrow 8 ATGWs in the ready to launch position. Additional missiles are carried in reserve in the hull. The same turret has been fitted to the YW 531 series of vehicles.
  • YW 307 IFV. This version is essentially the Type YW 534 with a one-man turret, an external-mounted 25-mm cannon, a 7.62-mm machine gun and smoke dischargers. The basic ammunition load is 400 rounds of 20-mm and 1,000 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition. The YW 307 is similar to the type YW 534 except that it has a combat weight of 15,400 kg and carries seven troops plus its crew of three.
  • ZJX-93 armored rescue vehicle
  • ZHB-94 Armored Supply Vehicle
  • Type 85. Armoured recovery vehicle, same variant can also be used as a maintenance vehicle
  • Type 89 armored reconnaissance vehicle (WZ-731)
  • Type 89 armored ambulance (WZ-752)
  • Type 89 armored refueling truck
  • Type 89 TV Reconnaissance Vehicle
  • Type 89 radar reconnaissance vehicle
  • Type 89 intelligence processing vehicle
  • Type 89 electronic countermeasure vehicle
  • GBL-130 Throwing Bray Car
  • Type 89 armored minesweeping vehicle
  • Type 89 Armed Police Wrecker
  • Type 89 amphibious refueling truck

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