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Type 83 152-mm Self-Propelled Gun-Howitzer
Type 83 120-mm Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Gun

Type 83 152 mm howitzer developed by China's first fully enclosed rotating turret door with self-propelled guns (title figure) in October 1, 1984 National Day military parade on the 35th anniversary, with its majestic stance through Tiananmen Square. This howitzer by artillery, turrets and crawler chassis components. Artillery through trunnion mounted in the turret, turret through the seat ring and body are connected. Its main purpose is to: uninterrupted motorized infantry and armored fire support combat operations; suppress and annihilate the enemy's effective strength and firearms, destroying enemy field fortifications; with the enemy artillery, tanks and armored fighting vehicles.

Type 83 152 mm howitzer is equipped with a diameter of 152.4 mm rifled gun, the domestic 66 152mm towed howitzer type refitted. Both inside and outside the ballistic performance of the same. After a change of artillery from the gun barrel, cradle, recoil, direction, height devices and consoles, aiming devices and semi-automatic loading system components. The Type 83 152-mm SP Gun-Howitzer is capable of firing all standard types of 152-mm rounds.

The main armament cannon is based on the Chinese 152-mm Towed Type 66 mounted on an entirely new chassis similar to the Russian 152-mm SP Gun-Howitzer 2S3. The layout of the Type 83 follows the general pattern of the American M109, with six roadwheel pairs, the engine and drive sprocket at the front, and the large square turret at the rear. There are extensive storage points around the hull and turret. The crew communicates with each other using the Type 803 intercom system.

Variants include the Type 462 425-mm Mineclearing Rocket Launcher 2-round rocket launcher for use in clearing minefields. Another variant is the 120-mm SP Anti-Tank Gun, with the AT gun is fitted with a 120-mm smoothbore mounted inside a turret on a Type 83 Gun-Howitzer chassis. There are reports of the Type 83 being equipped with an anti-tank rocket launcher referred to as the Type 40. However, it is suspected that the rocket launcher is really the 40-mm anti-tank rocket launcher Type 69-1 (an upgraded variant of the Russian RPG-7).

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