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Type 83 152-mm Self-Propelled Gun-Howitzer
Type 83 120-mm Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Gun

Alternative Designations None
Date of Introduction 1984
Proliferation At least 1 country
Crew 5
Platform (chassis) Type 83
Combat Weight (mt) 30.0
Chassis Length Overall (m) 7.33
Height Overall (m) 3.50
Width Overall (m) 3.24
Automotive Performance 
Engine Type Type 12150L, V-12, 520-hp liquid-cooled diesel
Cruising Range (km) 450 km
Speed (km/h) 
Max Road 55
Max Off-Road 35
Cross-Country INA
Max Swim N/A
Fording Depth (m) 1.3
Emplacement Time (min) 1
Displacement Time (min) 1
Radio Type 889D
Armor, Turret (mm) INA
Armor Turret Top (mm) INA
Armor Hull (mm) INA
Self-Entrenching Blade No
NBC Protection System No
Smoke Equipment No
Main Armament 
Caliber, Type, Name 152-mm, Type 66 cannon
Barrel Length (cal) 29
Rate of Fire (rpm) 
Burst 4
Normal INA
Sustained INA
Fire from Ground INA
Loader Type Semiautomatic
Breech Type Vertical sliding wedge
Muzzle Brake Type Double baffle
Traverse ()
Left 360
Right 360
Total 360
Elevation () (-/+) -5/+65
Auxiliary Weapon 
Caliber, Type, Name 12.7-mm (12.7x108) AA MG Type 54
Mount Type Turret top
Direct Fire Range (m) 1500
Max Effective Range (m) 
Day 1500 ground/1600 for air targets (APDS)
Night INA
Fire on Move Yes
Rate of Fire (rpm) 80-100 practical, 600 for air targets in 2-10 round bursts
Caliber, Type, Name 7.62 (7.62 x 54R) Machinegun Type 59
Mount Type Turret coax
Direct Fire Range (m) 1800
Max Effective Range (m)` 
Day 1000
Night 800
Fire on Move Yes
Rate of Fire (rpm) 250 practical, 600 cyclic in 2-10 round bursts
Indirect Fire Panoramic
Direct Fire INA
Collimator INA
Gun Display Unit None
Fire Control Computer None
  • 425-mm Mineclearing Rocket Launcher - Type 462 2-round rocket
  • launcher for use in clearing minefields.
  • 120-mm SP Anti-Tank Gun - The AT gun is fitted with a 120-mm
  • smoothbore mounted inside a turret on a Type 83 Gun-Howitzer chassis.
Caliber, Type, Name152-mm Frag-HE, Type 66
Indirect Fire Range (m) 
Minimum Range 9600
Maximum Range 17,230
Complete Projectile Weight (kg) 43.6
Muzzle Velocity 655 m/s
Fuze Type Liu-4 PD and Proximity 152-mm Frag-HE Rocket Assisted Projectile
Indirect Fire Range (m) 
Minimum Range INA
Maximum Range 21,880
Complete Projectile Weight (kg) INA
Muzzle Velocity INA
Fuze Type PD 152-mm Frag-HE Type 83
Indirect Fire Range (m) 
Minimum Range INA
Maximum Range 30,370
Complete Projectile Weight (kg) 46.95
Muzzle Velocity 955 m/s
Fuze Type Liu-4 PD and Proximity
Other Ammunition Types HE-I, Illumination, Smoke

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