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Type 69 / WZ-121 Main Battle Tank

Date of Introduction 1974
Weight 36-37 tons (Type 69); 39 tons (Type 79)
Length (Hull) 6.243 m
Width (Over Skirts) 3.372 m
Height (Top of Turret) 2.807 m
Track 2.64 m
Track Width 580 mm
Track Length (On Ground) 3.845 m
Ground Clearance 0.425 m
Crew 3
Powerplant 582 hp diesel (Type 69-II); 730 hp diesel (Type 79)
Maximum Speed (Road) 50 km/hr
Average Speed (Road) 32-35 km/hr
Maximum Speed (Off-Road) 22-27 km/hr
Vertical Obstacle 0.8 m
Trench 2.7 m
Fording Depth (Unprepared) 1.4 m
Range (Road) 420-440 km (Type 69); 360-400 km (Type 79)
  • 1 x 100mm smooth bore gun (Type 69)
  • 1 x 100mm rifled gun (Type 69-II)
  • 1 x 105mm Type 83-I rifled gun (Type 69-III / Type 79)
  • Secondary
  • 1 x 12.7mm machine gun
  • 1 x 7.62mm machine gun (bow mounted)
  • 1 x 7.62mm machine gun (coaxial)

  • Model Type 69 Type 69-II
    Crew 4 persons 4 persons
    Combat weight 36500kg 36700kg
    Weight 34500kg 34700kg
    Unit power 11.69kW / t 11.60kW / t
    Unit pressure 80kPa 80.7kPa
    gun forward 9.125m 8.657m
    Gun backwards 8.953m 8.498m
    Body length 6.002m 6.002m
    Vehicle width
    without apron 3.270m 3.270m
    with apron 3.307
    full height 2.807m 2.807m
    to the turret roof 2.457m 2.457m
    FireWire high 1.738m 1.750m
    Vehicle distance to the high 0.425m 0.425m
    Bandwidth 580mm 580mm shoe
    Lu succeed the ground long 3.845m 3.845m
    Track center distance 2.640m 2.640m
    Maximum road speed 50km / h 50km / h
    Cross-country average speed 22-27km / h 22-27km / h
    Fuel reserves 935L 935L
    Highway travel 420-440km 420-440km
    Wading depth (unprepared) 1.4m 1.4m
    Gradeability 61% 61%
    Roll gradient 58% 58%
    Climbing vertical wall height 0.8m 0.8m
    More trench width 2.7m 2.7m
    production company North Industries (Group) Corporation North Industries (Group) Corporation
    Model 12150L-7 12150L-7BW
    Type 12V water cooled diesel engine 12V water cooled diesel engine
    Power / speed 426kW/2000r/min 426kW/2000r/min
    Production company North Industries (Group) Corporation North Industries (Group) Corporation
    Type fixed shaft mechanically fixed axis mechanical
    forward gears / reverse number 5/1 5/1
    Main weapon caliber / type 100mm / smoothbore 100mm / rifled
    Parallel weapon caliber / type 7.62mm / machine gun 7.62mm / machine gun
    Anti-aircraft weapon caliber / type 12.7mm / machine gun 12.7mm / machine gun
    Smoke launchers caliber / quantity 76mm / 2 4
    Ammunition rounds
    Shells 44 rounds 44 rounds
    Antiaircraft machine gun 500 rounds 500 rounds
    Parallel machine gun 3,000 rounds 3,000 rounds
    Projectile muzzle velocity of 1490m / s 1415m / s
    Rate of fire 7 rounds / min 7 rounds / min
    Turret electric drive and manual electric and manual
    Turret rotation range 360 360
    Artillery tilt range -5 ~ +18 -5 ~ +18
    Large artillery pitch speed 4.5 / s 4.5 / s
    Artillery maximum rotation speed 15 / s 15 / s

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