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Type 69-II Command Tanks

Type 69-IIB command tank

The Type 69-IIB command tank was a variant of the Type 69-II intended primarily for export. The tank was equipped with 2 radio stations (a 889-type and a 892-type radio) with two antennas outside the turret. The first was a 2.8 meter rod antenna, capable of broadcasting on 2 channels. The other was a 4 meter lever-shaped antenna capable of broadcasting on 4 channels. The system featured a device to reduce interference from the 2 radios on each other. The vehicle also featured an external auxiliary power system consisting of a quiet 'covert' gasoline generator, transducer, and extension cables. The gasoline generator system consisted of 2.2 kilowatt (3 horsepower) single-cylinder gasoline engine and 1 kilowatt single-phase self-generating alternator component. The transducer consisted of a transformer and single-phase full-wave bridge rectifiers and other components. The gasoline generator set could be set to output 230 volts, 50 hertz single-phase alternating current power through the transformer rectifier for vehicle radio or battery use.

The Type 69-IIB tank could be used for command of mobile operations or the establishment of static command posts using its auxiliary power system. An additional turret mounted antenna could be fitted and additional radio equipment installed by removing 2 rounds from inside the tank's turret. The vehicle was otherwise the same as the standard Type 69-II.

Type 69-IIC / C1 command tank

The Type 69-IIC was a Type 69-IIB command tank with two 889-type radios instead of one 892-type and one 889-type radio. The turret still featured a dual antenna. The 2 antennas were both 2.8 meter rod antenna capable of broadcasting across 3 channels. The vehicle was otherwise similar to the Type 69-IIB. The Type 69-IIC was also designed in 1982, primarily for export.

In 1983, a subvariant of the Type 69-IIC, the Type 69-IIC1 was introduced, again primarily for export. This subvariant, using diplexer, turned one of the 2 antennas into a single 3.3 meter broadband antenna, capable of broadcasting across 2 channels, while retaining the other components of the Type 69-IIC's configuration.

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