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Type 910 Shupang Class (NATO : Wuhu-C ??)

In order to provide a stable offshore test platform for new ASW weapons and sensors, and to ensure sufficient internal space for installing various systems, the Type 910 ship carried out a new design in terms of appearance. The most distinctive features are the raised forecastle to improve seakeeping, and the lowered stern deck wtih a crane to support ASW system tests. The gallery midship is re-arranged, and the exhaust stack appears to be relocated somewhat to the aft relative to previous units.

The CCP Navy’s new integrated test ship 893 was launched in November 2011 and was delivered to service in the first half of 2012. It belongs to the test ship brigade in the fourth test area of ??the 23rd test base of the Navy. The Marine Division has not yet held a naming ceremony for it. The name of this ship should also be a person's name; it is said that its name is "Zuchongzhi", but it has yet to be confirmed. In any case, it has become a principle and practice for the Chinese Communist Navy's comprehensive test ship to be named after a person's name. Since there are two test ships for surface weapons, Bi Sheng and Hua Luogeng, and the test ships for underwater weapons are relatively old, the main task of the research and judgment of this ship should be to perform the test work of a new generation of underwater weapons and combat systems.

According to the Chinese People's Liberation Army naval ship naming regulations, surface ships are named after places, mountains, rivers and lakes. The official statement is that there are only two ships named after people, one is the naval training ship "Zheng He" with the port number 81; the other is the national defense mobilization ship "Shichang" with the port number 82. But in fact, there are two ships named after people, they are the Navy Bi Sheng ship (hull number 891) and the Navy Hua Luogeng ship (hull number 892). The reason why they are not known to people is that they are obscurely undertaking the task of testing and finalizing the Navy’s new weapons and equipment. For example, weapons and equipment such as Yingzha-62, Haihongqi-9, and Haihongqi-16 were all tested and finalized on the Bi Sheng

894 Li Siguang, a comprehensive test ship, started construction in 2012 and launched in November 2013. The enlistment and naming flag-giving ceremony was held in a military port in Zhanjiang in September 2014, marking the official entry of the ship into the People’s Navy.

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