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Shenyang Military Region - Order of Battle - 2002

Group Army
(Jituan Jun)
BattalionLocationUnit #Equipment
Shenyang MR
MR Combined Arms Tactical Training Base
MR Confidential Tech Dadui
MR Special Operations Dadui65037
U/I Hi-Tech Unit
16 Group ArmyChangchun65301
U/I Motorized Infantry BDETonghua65367
U/I AAA BDEChangchun65370
U/I Anti-tank Missile BDEBaicheng65373
46 Motorized Infantry DivisionChangchun65316
4 Armored DivisionMeihekou65352
U/I Artillery Division65334
23 Group ArmyHeilongjiang65411
U/I Armored BDEDaqing81413
67 Motorized Infantry BDEMudanjiang65444
68 Motorized Infantry BDEQiqihar65447
U/I Engineer REGT
U/I AAA BDEJiamusi65453
U/I Artillery BDEJiaohe81034
69 Motorized Infantry DivisionHarbin81156
39 Mechanized Group ArmyLiaoyang65521
U/I AAA BDES. Liaoning65585
U/I Artillery BDELiaoyang65583
U/I Helicopter REGT81053
115 Mechanized Infantry DivisionDashiqiao65547
116 Mechanized Infantry DivisionHaicheng81178
190 Mechanized Infantry DivisionShenyang65559
3 Armored DivisionSiping65571
40 Group ArmyJinzhou65631
U/I Armored BDEFuxin65667
U/I Motorized Infantry BDEChifeng65655
U/I Motorized Infantry BDEYixian65651
U/I AAA BDEJinzhou65663
U/I Artillery BDEJinzhou65659
U/I Engineer REGTTieling81816
U/I Division [Poss]
Liaoning Military District
U/I Motorized Infantry BDEDandong65735
Liaoning Army RSV Communication REGTAnshan
Liaoning Jinzhou RSV Logistics Support BDE
Liaoning Army RSV Infantry DivisionShenyang
Liaoning Army RSV 1 AAA DivisionShenyang
Liaoning Army RSV 2 AAA DivisionDalian
Jilin Military District
Jilin Army RSV Communications REGTTonghua
47 Infantry Division (RSV)Jilin
Jilin RSV Artillery DivisionChangchun
Heilongjiang Military District
Heilongjiang Army RSV ACW REGTHarbin
Heilongjiang Army RSV AAA DivisionDaqing
Heilongjiang Army RSV Infantry Division

Sources and Resources

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