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PLC-181 155mm self-propelled howitzer

PLC-181 vehicle mounted howitzerChina's new domestic 155mm truck gun was exposed in October 2017. As early as April 2015, there were several photos of suspected new 155mm trucks on the Internet. Some netizens analyzed that they should be used by the military for self-use. Comparing the new domestic car gun that had been exposed by netizens two years ago with the new gun, the conclusion is that the two are strikingly similar.

In 2006, China successfully developed the SH-1 type 155mm truck gun and the SH-2 type 122mm truck gun. These two types of truck guns were mainly for foreign markets, and the comprehensive technical performance belongs to the international intermediate level.

It is reported that the code of this new artillery is PLC-181 [some sources report PLC-181] truck artillery delivery system, which is an important part of China's current mechanized units to strengthen firepower, and is also an enhanced upgrade version of China's 122mm truck gun. The addition of the 155mm truck cannon will greatly enhance the firepower of China's mechanized units.

China's PLC-181 155mm truck gun uses China's latest 52-caliber 155mm gun. This gun uses a variety of new technologies, including electroslag remelting barrel smelting technology and gun barrel self-tightening process. The gun has a very long range and a stable launch state.

The cannon can reach 40 kilometers in the case of launching conventional grenades, and can reach a range of up to 45 kilometers. The bottom-range extended range projectile can reach a range of 50 kilometers, and with the rocket extended range shell the farthest range of up to 72 kilometers can be reached.

It is worth mentioning that the length of the guided rocket extended shell launched by China's 155mm artillery is 2 meters. It needs to be filled into the cannon in a special way. After the gun is opened, the rocket extended range can be started for a while, and the Beidou satellite can be used for guidance. Remote precision strike.

China's PLC-181 uses Taian GM's 6X6 off-road truck chassis, which has strong passing ability and off-road capability. The gun body part is located at the rear end of the truck. The truck part is equipped with fire control radar and Hydraulic type bombing device, the gun itself also has its own adjustment ability. As a result, the PLC-181 is highly adaptable for launching on many complex terrains.

Based on the information of China's weapon industry, the gun is a self-propelled large-caliber vehicle-mounted jug with a caliber of 155 mm. It adopts FAW's new generation 6X6 off-road truck chassis, oil and gas suspension, and good off-road maneuverability. The gun is 52 times the caliber, the same as the 05A 155 mm crawler-type self-propelled howitzer, with a powerful fire output. At the back of the gun, there is a large auxiliary raft. Usually, the barrel and the gun body are placed on the vehicle. When the battle is over, the hydraulic device is turned over. The liquid pressure type high and low machine and the balance machine are used, and the hydraulic transfer device is used. Compared with the 155mm car howitzer such as Caesar of France, the advantage of the Chinese 155mm gun is that the direction of the shooting can reach 360, and the range of shooting is much higher than other car howitzers, even if it is 30 degrees on the front and left, affected by the cab. It is still able to reach high and low shots of around 20 degrees to 70 degrees. Compared with similar products in Europe and America, China's PLC-181 should be similar to the French Caesar truck. From the design point of view, China's PLC-181 and Caesar are tactically consistent.

China's previous plateau troops used a large number of 122mm trucks as fire support weapons, but compared with the US M777 155mm ultralight guns, they were not only limited in caliber in terms of firepower, but also fell in the down range in terms of range and motion. Therefore, the emergence of China's PLC-181 155mm artillery is to make up for these shortcomings.

As China's new type of artillery is successively in service, China, as a large artillery country, has already achieved a curve overtaking in advanced western countries.

SH-15 155mm self-propelled howitzer

The 12th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition (Zhuhai Air Show) opened in Zhuhai on 06 November 2018. At this year's air show, a group of advanced army mechanized equipment that reached the international leading level was unveiled. Among them, there were SH-15 155mm self-propelled howitzers. The SH-15-type vehicle 155mm cannon cannon is the latest new vehicle and howitzer launched by China Ordnance Industry Group. The length of the gun barrel is 52 times the internal diameter. It can launch a variety of shells, including satellite-guided shells.

Unlike the independent foreign trade artillery family, such as PLZ-45, and PLZ-52, the vehicle uses a lot of Chinese PLC181 technology. The chassis and the self-use type are also roughly the same. It can be said to be "one project, two systems".

From the real vehicle on display, the gun uses Wanshan's special vehicle chassis, driving the front of the building, which makes it look like a traditional truck. The vehicle as a whole is compact. If the foreign army's Caesar vehicle is a Mercedes-Benz suv, then the SH15 can be said to be a kind of Chery QQ - this compact brings the strong performance, and the convenience of transportation. Of course, compactness does not mean low combat power, and the chassis still has strong off-road performance.

The comparison between an adult 180cm man and the SH-15 shows that the actual size of the gun is similar to the size of an infantry fighting vehicle. At the same time, from the parking to the release of the plow, the gun's flat battle conversion takes only more than 1 minute, compared with the m777 series that takes 3-4 minutes to convert to the Pingsha, 10 minutes of the old 152mm gun, there is a qualitative change. Compared with advanced self-propelled artillery such as PLZ52, there is not much inferior. It is just that the gun is not suitable for rapid conversion under complex terrain conditions.

The man-machine function of the vehicle is also very user-friendly. The driver can change the vehicle from the position to the battle position by pressing a few push buttons, and the plow starts to be automatically set up. After the erection is completed, the semi-automatic loader is in a moderate position and is ideal for hand loading 155mm shells. The gun has a strong independent combat capability. The vehicle carries 27 rounds of artillery shells and 15 barrels of propellant. Compared with foreign military vehicles, it has strong continuous combat capability.

From the information of Zhuhai Air Show in 2018, the SH15 155mm truck gun is a type of vehicle gun system developed by using some domestic models. Its biggest feature is to improve the accuracy of long-range shooting. The relevant units have worked hard to achieve the integration of the gun. The design and layout of the full gun/vehicle matching is more reasonable, which solves the shortcomings of simple combination of the gun and the poor shooting stability of the SH-1, improves the firing accuracy of the gun, and explores and improves the shooting principle and concept to further improve the artillery.

Shooting accuracy, according to relevant information, the domestic new 155mm truck cannons increase the longitudinal maximum range intensity by 50% when launching ordinary unguided projectiles, and achieve the same firepower effect. The bomb can save nearly 30%, which can be said to be effective, and SH15 It also realized the ground handling of the gunner, and became the world's first large-caliber vehicle-mounted suppression artillery with forward zero-degree direct shooting function. The artillery is also equipped with digital fire control and command terminal, which realizes automatic orientation, positioning, automatic receiving target information, and automatic operation.

It should be pointed out that the progress of domestic artillery is not only reflected in the artillery itself, but the ammunition is also advancing by leaps and bounds. Above the Zhuhai Air Show, a variety of domestically produced precision guided projectiles, including satellite guided artillery shells, laser guided artillery shells, and terminal-sensitive missiles, etc., were exhibited. In particular, the domestic WS-35 ultra-long-range rocket gliding extended-range guided projectiles can reach a maximum range of 100 kilometers. They have been able to bombard the opponent's entire battlefield depth target and suppress long-range rockets, short-range tactical ballistic missiles and other weapons.

The NORINCO workers stated they could not disclose those countries that purchased or intended to purchase the product, it can be revealed that representatives of many countries have "seriously" consulted the detailed parameters of this artillery. Starting from PLZ-45, the People's Liberation Army's artillery pieces are among the best-selling items. As a new type of combat force in maneuverability and road delivery, truck guns are believed to have a vast world of great achievements in many countries.

Pictures of the domestic SH15 155mm truck gun tested in Pakistan showed that the Pakistani army could become the first user of the domestic SH15 truck gun, which has opened a good position for the gun to compete in the international market. On 25 November 2018, the live video of the Pakistan Defense Exhibition showed that the North China Industrial Group SH-15 vehicle-mounted 155mm self-propelled howitzer had arrived at the defense exhibition site. In 2008, Pakistan obtained two SH-1 155mm trucks from China for testing, but there was no substantial purchase. The SH-15 vehicle gun will go to Pakistan, or it will open the door for Pakistan to purchase Chinese 155mm trucks.

The SH15 is equipped with a variety of advanced guided shells. Therefore, after the introduction of the SH15 155mm truck cannon, Pakistan can achieve the goal of combating and even suppressing the Indian K9 155mm self-propelled howitzer. The SH15 155mm truck cannon launching the bottom row/rocket compound extended range can also reach 50km. The indicator is comparable to the K9 self-propelled artillery, but the SH15 is capable of launching a super-long-range projectile such as the WS-35, achieving a 100-kilometer strike distance and suppressing the K9 self-propelled artillery over a longer distance, which makes the latter unmatched.

China's most advanced vehicle-mounted howitzer, the PCL-181, recently entered service with the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Eastern Theater Command, the theater command confirmed on 30 April 2020. In the previous days, troops of a brigade under the Eastern Theater Command received the 155mm vehicle-mounted howitzer, which made its public debut as a newly developed weapon at the National Day military parade on October 1, 2019 in Beijing, the Eastern Theater Command confirmed. The statement came after China Central Television (CCTV) on 29 April 2020 reported the weapon had been commissioned. This report was also seemingly the first time an official source has identified the designation of the howitzer as the PCL-181. Neither the Eastern Theater Command nor CCTV specified how many howitzers were included in this delivery, but at least 18 were seen in the report.

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