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Self-Propelled Artillery

The power and mobility of artillery is always a contradiction that is mutually constrained and needs to be balanced. The power, range and accuracy must be met while minimizing the gun's full weight and size. China has developed more than a dozen types of mounted guns, ranging from 122 mm to 155 mm. Various chassis and models have caught up with the rest of the world.

While China is still pursuing the developed countries, seeking to achieve the capabilities of their weapons systems, new solutions are emerging, but the truth is not clear in what quantities and whether they are made at all. The largest Chinese implements are the 203-mm ACS W-90 and towed Type-90. The W-90 is a rough copy of the M110A3 cannon, and the Type-90 has a Soviet-style barrel and an American-style breech. Whether they actually entered service and in what quantities is unknown.

The Chinese seem to prefer the 155mm cannon. China is the country with the largest number of 155 artillery pieces in the world. It is the most comprehensive country in the world to study 155mm howitzers. It has developed traction guns, crawler self-propelled guns, self-propelled guns, vehicle guns, shore defense guns, naval guns, and ultra-light cannons. A large family of multi-variety, 39/45/52 multi-shot artillery, formed the world's largest family of 155 artillery, both domestic and into the world market.

Since the 1980s, China has developed three series of 155mm guns of 39x, 45x and 52x calibers, absorbing the advantages of the East and West, forming a caliber, two twist lines, three barrel lengths, and four platforms. The complete 155 mm artillery system covers all areas of application for heavy artillery.

  1. 155mm universal light traction and howitzer with a caliber of 39 times. It is used to replace 130 plus 152 plus howitzers. It is the general towed artillery of the military's future light brigade, mountain and airborne units.
  2. PLZ45 type 155 mm foreign trade self-propelled with a cannon, 45 times caliber, has been exported to several countries in the Middle East, and now it still has vitality, but also a few years of foreign exchange.
  3. PLZ05 type 155mm self-propelled howitzer, PLZ52 type foreign trade 155mm self-propelled cannon, 155mm auxiliary power self-propelled cannon, and 155mm truck cannon, these four guns use 52 times caliber, of which 155 crawler type self-plus The howitzer and 155mm vehicle gun will become the main artillery of the army in the future.

Four platforms:

  1. Auxiliary power system for 155mm self-propelled gun.
  2. PLZ45 type 155 mm self-propelled cannon crawler chassis.
  3. Wheeled chassis of domestic 155mm vehicle gun.
  4. PLZ05 type 155 mm self-propelled cannon crawler chassis.

In terms of operational efficiency, the long-tube 155-mm truck cannon is much stronger than the short-barrel armed wheeled armored self-propelled artillery. In 2006, China successfully developed the SH-1 type 155mm truck gun and the SH-2 type 122mm truck gun. These two types of truck guns are mainly for foreign markets, and the comprehensive technical performance belongs to the international intermediate level. In the Myanmar military parade, the Chinese-made SH-1 truck gun and the 59-type magic tank were publicly unveiled together, propping up half of the Burmese army. The SH-1 155mm vehicle and howitzer launched domestically produced ordinary and guided artillery shells and also launched NATO standard 155mm caliber shells. With a 52-caliber diameter, the range is up to 53 km. Equipped with a complete set of modern artillery intelligence, command and control automation system, the comprehensive performance is equivalent to the French Caesar 155mm vehicle gun, and the range is far superior.

The large-caliber heavy-duty vehicle gun has good strategic delivery maneuverability and battlefield tactical maneuverability, which meets the needs of modern artillery for long-range maneuvering and quick-moving. It can be said that as long as the off-road truck can get there, the truck gun can also arrive. Relatively speaking, the time of motorized crawler-type self-propelled artillery are extremely precious, and long-distance transport must rely on trains or flat-bed trailers, which are very limited. Since the combat weight of the vehicle and the howitzer is only a dozen tons, it can be used for long-distance delivery with a transporter such as the domestic transport -9 and Yun-20, which has strategic mobility.

China's largest-capacity cannon is the 05A 155mm crawler-type self-propelled cannon, and its comprehensive performance has reached the top in the world. However, due to the size and weight limitations, there are certain limitations in applications and road/strategic maneuverability in some environments, and the new on-board 155mm guns maintain great power, but have greater deployability.

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