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FANTAN Variants - Q-5M / A-5M

  1. Q-5M / A-5M was the cooperative result of Nanchang Aircraft Company and Italy's Aeritalia modification of the Q-5II, which installed Western electronics, improving the combat performance of the aircraft. In July 1986, China National Aero-Technology Import and Export Corporation and the Italian Airplane Company signed an agreement under which the Italian Airplane Company undertook a 30 month-long development plan to install Western avionics systems and equipment. The navigation/attack system was composed of 17 electronic systems from Italy, which complemented 8 preexisting systems. Avionics from the AMX International AMX attack fighter included a ranging radar, head-up display, inertial navigation system, air data computer and dual central computers all integrated via dual-redundant MIL-STD 1553B databus. The new Q-5M electronic system was basically Italian, and the Brazilian cooperation development of the AMX attack airplane's electronic system, would also obviously enhance this machine's close air support and battlefield interdiction operational capacity.

    The Q-5M airplane maintained the Q-5 airplane's fine low-altitude performance, and moreover increased airplane's navigation accuracy and attack defense penetration ability effectively. Its navigation accuracy amounted to 0.80 nautical miles/hour, the aiming error was not bigger than 3 milliradians. In September 1988, the Q-5M airplane model was displayed at the British Farnborough aviation exposition, at which time overseas publications called the Q-5M airplane one of the important attack plane aircraft types in the world in the 1990s.

    The Q-5M store mounting points were increased from 10 to 12, and it is said that its weapon external connection plan accomodated more than 22 kinds of munitions. The fuselage 4 outside hard points may carry 250 kilogram bombs, like China's 250-3, US's Mk82 "snake eye", or similar model bomb; Outside the most inside's wing contacts (7, 8th position), there were portable internal installation 8 57 millimeters or 68 millimeters, or 9 90 millimeter rocket projectile nacelles; Immediate main engine tire flank's outside contacts (5, 6), portable 500 kilograms or 250 kilogram bombs, or 272 kilogram BL-755 outside the bomb cluster l wing center-section flank contacts (3, 4), portable rocket nacelle, 250 kilograms bombs or 760 liters auxiliary oil tanks; Outside the most flank's wing contacts (1, 2), is suitable for to carry 250 kilograms bombs, PL-5 or the PL-7 infrared homing missile, or 400 liters auxiliary fuel tanks.

    Although the Q-5M weight increased 140 kilograms to a total of 6634 kilograms, the maximum total weight was still 12000 kilograms. It was estimated that without external stores, when at a height of 11000 meters, the maximum level speed will increase from 1190 kilometers/hours to 1210 kilometers/hours; will increase M1.0 in the sea-level altitude from M0.987, namely increases from 1210 kilometers/hours to 1225 kilometers/hours. Other aspects of Q-5M performance and the Q-5II were the sSame. When carrying a 2000 kilogram external load, to retain 10% fuel, fly the low-low-low flight profile, its combat radius is 300 kilometers. Flying high-low-low-high, the range is 400 kilometers.

    Modifications of the aircraft began in August 1986. In the first phase of development, the technical design and coordination were created, production of 2 prototypes completed, ground tests were conducted, and other tests were made. In the second phase, the production of the aircraft began in conjunction with its marketing, production, sales and logistical support. Design of the Q-5D was complete in June 1987 an its assembly was finished in August 1988. On 30 August 1988 the first prototype flew successfully. According to media reports, Burma once ordered 24 Q-5M, but because the Q-5M plan was cancelled post-Tienanmen Square protest of 1989, it changed to purchasing the Q-5C.

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