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FANTAN Variants - Q-5E / Q-5F - Laser Guided Bomb

Because the newly acquired FB-7 and Su-30 construction costs are high, their rate of production is not too high, and it is impossible to completely eliminate the large quantity of Q-5 equipment. Since China's latent peripheral hostile forces have irregular anti-air capabilities, the Q-5 still has a role to play. The Q-5 still should be given suitable improvements, by means of re-equipping new electronic installation and the replacement of precision guided munitions. At present Hongdu Aviation Industry Group LTD. ( HAIG ) is responsible for the Q-5 work. The airplane manufacture company has made the very big effort in this aspect. It has develops two kind of different modifications for the use of smart weapon. This is possibly is because the Q-5 load-carrying capacities are small, and the design to hang the distribution and carrying capacity were not ideal.

  1. Q-5E is an unconfirmed modification disclosed in 1999 in "Hong Science and Technology" magazine. This machine reduced store mounting point to 7. An important new approach are wing tip racks on which may hang 2 domestically produced LS-500J laser guided bomb. Because the Q-5's bomb-carrying capacity is small, the LS-500J is light, with an effective range of only 12 kilometers. Regarding this munitions performance, the CEP was still particularly unknown at present. According to the Hong aviation industry group public figure said that Q-5E had carried LS-500J to carry on massive experiments, and the result had been ideal.

    The international news dispatch reported that the LS-500J is approximate in Russia KAB-500L laser guided bomb. This bomb was developed at Moscow's National Research Production Association starting in 1972, and in 1975 went into production, becoming widespread equipment for ground attack airplanes. The semi-active laser guided bomb's structure and the performance is similar to the American first generation "Paveway" laser guided bomb. It uses a 500 kilogram low resistivity demolition bomb as the warhead. The fore addition is a weathercock type detection unit which is composed of a small circle barrel and a stable link, after that is a four-piece cruciform disposition active rudder, with controls. The weathercock detection unit aims at the target on which is shone the aircraft-borne laser illuminator. The rear part installs four piece of cruciform dispositions the fixed wing, plays the flight stabilization. The complete round weighs 534kg, the entire length of projectile is 3050mm, the body diameter 400mm, and the wingspan 850mm. It is loaded with 195kg or high explosive.

  2. Q-5F is an unconfirmed modification disclosed in 1999 in "Hong Science and Technology" magazine. The Q-5F carries the laser target designation nacelle the carrier vehicle. According to on-line information, the approximately 2 meter long laser target designation nacelle, partly buries in the underbelly, was not developed by Chengdu. The instruction which and the goal illumination this nacelle may to carry the smart weapon the air platform to provide when target needs. One of these nacelles may simultaneously direct 4 platforms. In the experiment, 4 Q-5E were under 1 Q-5F direction, in 1 minute dropped 8 LS-500J laser guided bomb, 8 targets were destroyed. But the LS-500J development progress was very much a problem, done for several years and was beset with difficulties.

    Because the nacelle needs to be partly buried underneath the underbelly, it was neccessary to transform the Q-5F in particular. The Q-5's narrow underbelly is unable to carry the volume of a big bomb in the hanging position. Air scattering can cause the laser guided bomb to track many scattering lasers, thus receiving a disturbance to be unable to work normally. It must therefore provide the illumination by another platform from the different direction. Simultaneously Q-5E also can only, in the exterior panel hangs under to carry the guided bomb, so long as this is because behind the inside rack is a main landing gear, is unable to carry the size big weapon.

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