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NORINC Harbin Python

Russia's DT-30 all-terrain vehicle was officially mass-produced in 1986, and later developed a series of 10 tons, 5 tons, and 3 tons. China North Industries Group Harbin No. 1 Machinery Group Co., Ltd. began to copy in 2009. In 2013, it independently developed a full series of 30, 10, 5, and 3 ton Python series all-terrain double-section tracked vehicles. Of generally similar configuration, they are differentiaed by the number of road wheels on the crawler and the trailer. All five main models of the "Python" series have floating capability. The speed is still quite fast. The vehicle is good, but the demand is limited.

The Python project started after the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake. Through the experience of earthquake relief, we found that there is still a lack of a crawler-type special vehicle platform with strong off-road capability and adaptable to the most extreme road conditions in China. Through analysis of market demand, it ws determiend that equipment that can perform emergency transportation tasks in mud, desert, and wasteland was very important in the military and civilian fields. As a large state-owned enterprise, Harbin First Machinery Group Co., Ltd. of China North Equipment Co., Ltd. had the social responsibility to help the country provide relevant capabilities.

Hebei 5-Star "Tyrannosaurus" crawler double-section all-terrain emergency rescue vehicle is developed based on the all-terrain and all-region model. It has the characteristics of product serialization, functional modularization, and amphibious traffic. It has now formed a load of 2 tons, 3 tons, 5 tons, 10 tons, 30 tons and other models. Among them, the largest 30-ton all-terrain vehicle is an imitation of the Russian DT-30 all-terrain vehicle. It is definitely a giant monster. In Russia, this vehicle can even carry the "armor" S1 artillery defense system to fight in the Arctic.

Hebei 5-Star "Tyrannosaurus" crawler-type double-section all-terrain emergency rescue vehicle ZUI is characterized by being able to travel freely on water and snow without any roads under extremely harsh weather conditions such as wind, sand, rain and snow. Land, deserts, swamps, hills, forests, coasts, lakes and other areas, complete emergency rescue, flood prevention, flood relief, fire fighting, forest fire fighting, disaster relief equipment transportation, medical rescue, field engineering operations, communication command, oil construction, snow Waiting for the task. It has the advantages of large load capacity, long driving distance and strong quick response capability. A 30T Hebei 5-Star "Tyrannosaurus" crawler double-section all-terrain emergency rescue vehicle can quickly rescue 500 people in distress at one time.

The Hebei 5-Star "Tyrannosaurus" crawler-type double-section all-terrain emergency rescue vehicle adopts a modular structure design, which can meet the needs of emergency rescue and disaster relief. Customized and equipped with fire and forest protection equipment, generator sets, large flow drainage pumps, field life support devices, rescue equipment, rescue and disaster relief equipment, communication command systems, intelligent drone take-off and landing devices, medical rescue equipment, large mechanical equipment, disaster relief equipment, etc. Module. Hebei 5-Star "Tyrannosaurus" crawler-type double-section all-terrain emergency rescue vehicle has the absolute advantage of serialization, modularization, functionalization and practicality. It can travel freely in extremely severe weather such as floods, winds, sand, snow, and heavy rains.

Both of the Hebei 5-Star "Tyrannosaurus" crawler-type two-section all-terrain emergency rescue vehicles have driving capabilities, making them extremely maneuverable and passing on harsh roads; the vehicle has four wide crawlers, making it With a small ground pressure, the track shoes with special structure designed for flood disasters, natural disasters, forests, swamp mud, shallows, snow and ice, deserts, rivers and other geographical environments, enable them to freely shuttle and walk on the above Area; improve its cross-country capabilities such as crossing trenches and crossing obstacles, so that it can flexibly pass through muddy and bumpy areas that cannot be passed by cars and boats. It can be amphibious and free to climb from the water to the shore. It is called today's emergency flood prevention, disaster relief and fire fighting ZUI good off-road tool vehicles for forest defense and other industries.

The unique articulation mechanism of the Hebei 5-Star "Tyrannosaurus" crawler-type double-section all-terrain emergency rescue vehicle enables the double-section vehicle to achieve pitching and serpentine twisting. The Hebei 5-Star "Tyrannosaurus" crawler-type double-section all-terrain emergency rescue vehicle can start and operate normally under extreme weather conditions of 43-50. It has strong environmental adaptability and can be used as emergency rescue personnel and The delivery of materials and equipment and the supply and transportation of disaster relief materials have a strong ability to perform tasks in the field, which can overcome the difficulty of complex terrain and high-intensity operations that require emergency rescue and rescue work.

The Hebei 5-Star "Tyrannosaurus" crawler-type double-section all-terrain emergency rescue vehicle is a full-region articulated double-section crawler vehicle. The front and rear compartments are connected by an articulated mechanism, which can realize the pitching, serpentine twisting and other single-section crawler vehicles. Function, the obstacle height (up to 1.5 meters), the more trench width (up to 4 meters), the ground contact ratio is low (less than 0.03 MPa), floating, horizontal translation, can be used in shallow beaches, swamps, snow and other areas The snake overcomes the abnormal resistance and twists forward. Both front and rear carriages have power, which can realize rigid locking and full-time driving of four crawlers at the same time. When the front or rear vehicle is slumped, it can be pulled forward and pushed back. The 1.1m wide rubber track is light in weight, and the ground contact pressure is less than 0.03MPa, which is better than other tracked vehicles. At the same time, the vehicle can float in the water without preparation. The vehicle has high environmental adaptability and can adapt to various extreme areas and harsh roads and weather conditions for emergency rescue, disaster transfer, road rescue, large-scale equipment and material transportation tasks demand.

Main features of Hebei 5-Star "Tyrannosaurus" crawler forest rescue and rescue double-section all-terrain vehicle (30 tons)

1. Completely independent intellectual property rights. It is currently the only tracked all-terrain vehicle product with completely independent intellectual property rights in China, which provides guarantee for the subsequent use, maintenance and parts of the vehicle.

2. High cost performance. The maintenance of the vehicle is simple, and the cost is much lower than other all-terrain vehicles.

3. Advanced technology Lightweight and high-strength vehicle body system: adopts truss structure, compact structure, light weight, long life, high bearing capacity, and strong impact resistance. With strong power and walking system, it can directly roll trees, roll through complex forest areas and bushes, and smoothly travel through mountains, rivers, swamps, mud, and landslides, effectively improving the passing capacity.

Advanced articulation system: adopts integrated form, light weight, simple structure, and maintenance-free. The pitch cylinder adopts a dual-row parallel design, which is more stable than a single cylinder structure, has greater thrust, and has low requirements for vehicle loading center of gravity deviation, and can achieve a relative 30-degree pitch of the front and rear body. The horizontal oil cylinder and the double cylinder have large thrust, long stroke and large turning angle. The articulated mechanism adopts self-lubricating bearings to realize the relatively free torsion of the front and rear vehicles. Compared with other rigidly connected all-terrain, the complex road has strong adaptability, the impact of the ground on the vehicle is small, and the vehicle life is long.

4. New traction system. The traction system has simple structure, convenient maintenance, can withstand large loads and high-intensity impacts, has good shock absorption, and can greatly improve vehicle comfort in forests and rugged mountain roads.

1) The road wheel adopts aviation tires, which has strong anti-strike and anti-riot ability, and has a good shock absorption effect on the vehicle.

2) The suspension adopts armored suspension technology, which has strong bearing capacity and has good shock absorption effect on bumpy roads.

3) Special crawler: one is the combination of alloy steel frame and high-strength rubber crawler, with a life of 10,000Km. The alloy steel framework can prevent the damage of tower heads, tree stumps, and stones. The adhesion of the crawler teeth to the ground is twice that of conventional armored vehicles, which can prevent the vehicle from slipping on the grass and snow. Embedded crawler structure can prevent stripping phenomenon. When the track is damaged, it can be partially repaired, without the need to replace the entire track, and the maintenance cost is low. The other is that the existing track assembly is a rubber track shoe, which has a better road running effect.

4) Efficient mechanical four-wheel drive: The vehicle power adopts mechanical transmission, which has high transmission efficiency and reliability. The time-sharing four-wheel drive output, even if three tracks are damaged, only one track is left, the vehicle can continue to drive through the lock.

5. Explosion-proof fuel tank. The fuel tank is filled with polymer composite material, which does not occupy the internal volume space of the fuel tank; after the flame penetrates the fuel tank and enters the fuel tank, the explosion-proof filling material absorbs the kinetic energy, heat energy and other related energy of the flame to prevent the fuel in the fuel tank from burning, expanding and exploding.

NORINC Harbin Python

MSM31TS (2019)

Vehicle weight 30 tons
Vehicle load 30 tons
Cab members 3 people
Engine power 760 horsepower
Ground pressure 30 kPa
Maximum travel speed on land 30 km/h
Maximum travel speed on the water surface 5 km/h
Maximum travel 375 kilometers
Maximum traction 285 kN

MSM10.5TS (2019)

Length, width and height 12000mm*3100mm*3000mm
Self weight 24t
Load 10t
Front vehicle weight /rear vehicle weight 2t/8t
Number of crew 4
Maximum road speed 45km/h
Maximum driving speed in water 5km/h
Maximum road mileage 500km
Obstacle height 1.2m
width of the trench 3m
Maximum climbing degree 30
Maximum side slope 25
Wading depth floatable
Engine power 550hp
System voltage 24V
Turning radius 11.6m
Ground pressure 35kda
Height from the bottom of the vehicle to the ground 400mm
Steering brake steering wheel, hydraulic boost
Transmission 6-speed automatic
Braking form caliper disc type
Use environment temperature -43C~+50?

NORINC Harbin Python

MSM-1TS (2020)

python-2.2TS (2019)

python-3.2TS (2019)

python-5.5TS (2019)

python-10.5TS (2019)

python-31TS (2019)

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