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People's Liberation Army Navy - Marine Corps Training and Training Reforms

Marine Corps personnel receive three types of training at one of three types of locations. Training is conducted during three phases.

Types of Training

The Marine Corps conducts three types of training as shown below:

  • Technical training
  • Tactics training
  • Psychological, physical, and field-combat survival training

Technical Training

Technical training consists of basic knowledge for amphibious combat, swimming in full battle gear, reconnaissance, capturing enemy personnel, hand-to-hand combat, airborne landing and parachuting, using water and land loading and unloading equipment, driving combat vehicles, firing from shore-to-sea and sea-to-shore, and overcoming water and beach obstacles, as well as using survival equipment.

Tactics Training

Tactics training consists of knowledge of services and branches, principles of tactics theory, individual and unit tactics, and combinedarms tactics. It also includes the following:

  • Theory and principles of amphibious operations
  • Boarding landing vessels, crossing bodies of water, and loading and unloading equipment
  • Selecting loading sites and landing sites
  • Assaulting beaches, establishing beachheads, and breaking out from beachheads
  • Organizing and commanding pre-invasion night operations
  • Dealing with different terrain features
  • Planning, organizing, and commanding amphibious operations
  • Coordinating with other services and branches

Psychological, Physical, and Field-Combat Survival Training

This training consists of adapting to different types of conditions, including crossing long distances of water under difficult conditions and surviving under field combat conditions after landing on shore or on an island or reef.

Training Methods

Officers receive their basic training at a PLAN academy, but enlisted force members receive their training at an operational unit. Unit training is normally conducted at one of three locations:

  • Training base
  • Training center
  • Special training site

Unit training normally occurs in the following three phases:

  • Shore-based training
  • At-sea training
  • Amphibious landing exercises

Current Training Reforms

Based on the revised OMTE issued in 2002, the PLAN has implemented some training reforms for the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps is paying more attention to simulator training for a wide variety of specialties, such as driving and using various types of equipment. The Marine Corps also conducts combinedarms training with the South Sea Fleet's landing vessel zhidui. As of 2007, The training is taking place under more difficult sea and weather conditions than in the past.

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