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North Sea Fleet Naval Bases

Base  TypeLatitudeLongitude
QingdaoFleet HQ 3604'N12019'E
QingdaoMajor Base3604'N12019'E
Lushun Port ArthurMajor Base 3848'N12115'E
Shashakou, Dagang, QingdaoMajor Base ____'N____'E
XiaopingdaoMajor Base ____'N____'E
ChangshanqundaoMinor Base ____'N____'E
DahushanMinor Base ____'N____'E
Dalianmajor shipyard 3855'N12138'E
Dayuanjiadun Minor Base ____'N____'E
HuludaoMinor Base ____'N____'E
JianggezhuangSub Base ____'N____'E
LianyungangMinor Base 3445'N11927'E
LingshanweiMinor Base ____'N____'E
LiushuangMinor Base ____'N____'E
QingshanMinor Base ____'N____'E
Ta KushanMinor Base ____'N____'E
WeihaiMinor Base ____'N____'E
AnyangNaval Air Station ____'N____'E
Changzhi Naval Air Station ____'N____'E
Dalian Naval Air Station ____'N____'E
JiaozhouNaval Air Station ____'N____'E
JiaoxianNaval Air Station ____'N____'E
JinxiNaval Air Station ____'N____'E
JiyuanNaval Air Station ____'N____'E
LaishanNaval Air Station ____'N____'E
LaiyangNaval Air Station ____'N____'E
LiangxiangNaval Air Station ____'N____'E
QingdaoNaval Air Station ____'N____'E
ShanhaiguanNaval Air Station ____'N____'E
XingtaiNaval Air Station ____'N____'E

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