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Xiaoping Island, Liaodong Bay, Dalian

The earliest nuclear submarine base in China was built in Xiaoping Island (located between Dalian and Lushun) in Dalian City, Liaoning Province. By the 2010s, due to the increasingly dense surrounding population, there was a rumor that the nuclear submarine base in Xiaoping Island had plans to move. In addition, another nuclear submarine base was built in Shashakou, Qingdao.

Xiaoping Island is the earliest nuclear submarine base in China, located between Dalian and Lushun. Due to the development of the surrounding cities, the environment here is increasingly crowded, and it is said that it may be moved elsewhere. The submarine at the base can quickly enter the nearby Liaodong Bay waters after cruising.

Outer Liaodong Bay is located in the northern part of the Yellow Sea. This vast sea area is very suitable for the concealment of strategic nuclear submarines, and there are multiple locations that can be used as ballistic missile launch positions. Moreover, this bay is semi-blocked, and most of them are exclusive economic zones between China and North Korea. It is difficult for foreign ships to enter. It can be said to be the most suitable fortress area for strategic nuclear submarines. Allegedly, China has deployed a rigorous sonar system on the sea floor here, which can detect any uninvited guests.

The other advantage of Wailiao East Bay is that as the Julang-2 missile has a range of 12,000 kilometers, the missiles launched from here can attack the entire United States, including New York, Washington and Florida. Missiles launched from the waters near Sanya can only attack US West Coast targets.

The city of Dalian, on the southem tip of the Liaodong Peninsula in China's Northeast (Manchuria), underwent rapid development during the first half of the twentieth century. Between 1905 and 1945, Dalian and its environs were administered by Japan as part of the Guandong Leased Territories. The origins of Japan' s expansion in China clearly began around the tum of the century and not in the 1930s. The key to undentanding Dalian's history is the concept of ' contractually limited formal imperialism,' or leasehold colonialism.

Xiaoping Island is located in the west of Dalian, relatively far from the urban area, and the scenery of the mountains and the sea is very good. This is becoming a new development area in Dalian. Various European-style buildings have become a major feature of this area. Xiaoping Island is located in Dalian City in the southwest coast of Lushun South Road, This is a pearl on Lushun South Road. In the early years it was a military port. Now it is a fashionable living tourist area integrating residence, tourism, catering, commerce, leisure and vacation. The planning and construction of the future international sailing yacht port will further promote Xiaoping Island. Tourism economic development. At the beginning, from the financial and business district of Dalian - Xinghai is 18 km from the airport, 28 km from Port Arthur, adjacent to the famous Dalian Software Park, Dalian's leading location of the information industry belt planned by the municipal government. In the future, it will also be the terminal of the coastal scenic avenue—Dalian Binhai Road, which originates from Haizhiyun Square on the east coast of Dalian, winding through Tiger Beach , Bangchao Island , Fujiazhuang and Xinghai Square. After Xiaoping Island in the city planning is open to the Binhai Road of Xinghai Square, you can drive directly to Xinghai Bay in five minutes. Xiaoping Island can be called a unique and eye-catching treasure in Dalian city and even northern China.

artificial breakwaters with a length of 317 meters and 680 meters are built . The mouth is 220 meters wide. The harbor area is less than 1 square kilometer and the water depth is 5 meters. ~ 10 meters, clear and transparent, no icing for many years. Regardless of the north wind, the level of the port is like a mirror.

Since the liberation, it has been a small fishing village at the junction of urban and rural areas in Dalian. The aboriginal residents here are some simple fishermen who live by fishing, and here is also rich in the most authentic and delicious seafood in Dalian. Dalian Xiaopingdao Seafood's popularity has only been circulated in a small area before. Later, it gradually developed into a small-scale seafood market and a seafood snack street.

Xiaoping Island belongs to the peninsula seascape and was once a beautiful fishing village formed naturally in the history of Dalian. Since the 16th century, Xiaoping Island has been famous for coastal business opportunities, delicious seafood, and island tourism.

This is also the end of the famous coastal scenic avenue, Dalian Binhai Road, which originates from the Haizhiyun Square on the east coast of Dalian , winding through Tiger Beach, Bangchao Island, Fujiazhuang, and Xinghai Square . Standing on Xiaoping Island, Xinghai Bay has a panoramic view, and the towering spires of Xinghai National Treasure are clearly visible. After Xiaoping Island in the city planning is open to the Binhai Road of Xinghai Square, you can drive directly to Xinghai Bay in five minutes.

Xiaoping Island faces the sea on three sides, the mountains on the north and the sea on the south, and the native vegetation coverage is extremely high. The advantages of the landscape facing the mountains and the sea and the unique natural environmental resources, coupled with the planning and construction of the "Xiaoping" central square with the same area as the most famous Zhongshan Square in Dalian , a five-star hotel, and high standards of seawater temperature.

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