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Luyang III / Type 052D - Program

China launched the lead ship in a follow-on class, the LUYANG III- class DDG (Type 052D). Jane’s Fighting Ships 2011-2012 stated that this ship was launched on November 28, 2010, and was being built to a modified version of the Luyang II design. Jane’s expected three further ships in this Type 052D class. This unit entered service in 2014.

As of 2005, a new destroyer class was expected to begin to enter the fleet by 2010, as could a new frigate. By 2020, China was expected to have its new destroyer classes in full production, with several in service or on the way. The new frigate likely will experience a similar rate of production. As they go into service, these platforms will replace the older JIANGHU I/II. By 2020, China probably will have phased out most of the LUDA Class DD.

China Defense Mashup reported 09 May 2009 that "Shanghai Jiangnan Changxing shipbuilding base will build another 3 general 7000-tonne class (some opinions say 9000-10000 ton) missile destroyer, whose armament includes HHQ-9G long-range air-defense missile, HHQ-16 medium-range air defense missile, YJ-XX anti-ship/land-attacking missile, anti-submarine missile and 1 Z-15 helicopter. As the fire-control system, the improved Array Scan Radar in Type 052C is an option but Chinese people are developing a ship-borne sensor which is similar to SAMPSON multi-function air tracking radar used in British Type 45 destroyer. Type 052D, the upgrading version of well-known Type 052C destroyer, will become the air-defense core of PLA Navy Aircraft Carrier Group. ... China’s first aircraft carrier (36+ combat aircrafts) group will consist of 4 type 052D Destroyers, 4 General missile destroyer, 2 Type 054A frigates, 2 Type 093 Nuclear Submarines. This is a frightful striking force in the disputing areas, such as the South China Sea Islands."

In August 2012 images began surfacing on Chinese military Web sites depicting the long-rumored Type 052D destroyer. China Military News repots that the new destroyer mounts two 32-unit vertical launch systems capable of launching HQ-9B air-defense missiles, anti-ship and anti-submarine missiles. The YJ-62 missile launchers seen on the Type 052C do not appear on the new DDG. Some sources speculate that the Type 052D could be equipped with a navalized version of the DH-10 land-attack cruise missile.

Jane’s Fighting Ships 2011-2012 reported that a third Luyang II-class ship, built to a modified design, was launched (i.e., put into the water for the final phase of its construction) on 28 November 2010, and was expected to enter service in 2012, and that three further ships are expected. In April 2012 informationdissemination reported that this ship had joined the PLAN’s East Sea Fleet, and that two further ships in the class were under construction. In July 2012 informationdissemination reported that the first Type 052D appeared to have entered service, while the second ship might have entered sea trials and the third had been launched. At that time, three additional destroyers of either the same design or a new design appear to be under construction.

A pair of hulls were seen at China State Shipbuilding Corp’s Jiangnan Changxing shipyard near Shanghai in early August 2012, with the first “dock launch” occurring in late August. Some analysts believed that as many as 10 Type 052D DDGs might be under construction, a major departure from past practice. The previous three flights of the Type 052 have consisted of just a pair of ships each, Chinese shipbuilders building just two hulls for testing, prior to moving on to the next design. The last destroyer series production was the Type 051 Luda, with 17 being built from 1872 through 1991. In this case, Chinese engineers may have developed sufficient confidence in the subsystems on the new ship to begin accelerated production. Defense analysts believe the Type 052D could enter service in 2014.

In 2009 the US Office of Naval Intelligence projected no change in the total number of destroyers in service with the PLAN over the period 2009 to 2020. Given the expected service life for the Type 051 Luda DDG, a total of about 10 Type 052D DDG would be required by 2020 to support the ONI projected destoyer force level.

The first Type 052D destroyer, the Kunming, joined the Navy in March 2014, while the second, the Changsha, in August 2015. The Type 052D world-class guided missile destroyer, the Hefei, joined the fleet of the Chinese Navy to boost its combat capability. The delivery ceremony of the ship to the South Sea Fleet of the Chinese Navy took place on 12 December 2015 at a naval base in Sanya, in the island province of Hainan. Beijing plans to build at least 10 warships of the Kunming class to enhance protection of the nation’s maritime interests. China was projected by DOD as of 2013 to build more than a dozen of these ships to replace its aging LUDA-class destroyers (DD).

China's People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) commissioned its third Type 052D Luyang III-class destroyer Hefei (174), in a ceremony on 12 December 2015 at the Sanya/Yalong Bay base on Hainan Island. Hefei is assigned to the South Sea Fleet. The destroyer was built at the Jiangnan Changxingdao shipyard, and was launched in July 2013. Three existing 052D destroyers had been deployed as part of the South Sea Fleet. "Kunming," the first 052D destroyer, was put into use on March 21, 2014. "Changsha," the second, was put into use on Aug. 12, 2015. "Hefei," the third, was put into use on Dec. 12, 2015. The respective hull numbers of the three ships are 172, 173 and 174.

The fourth 052D guided-missile destroyer will soon be put into use, according to Cao Weidong, a Chinese military expert, in an interview with China Center Television 13 July 2016. There was already speculation that the new destroyer was ready for delivery, since a number of photos circulated online showed a ship closely resembling the previous 052D guided-missile destroyers berthed at a harbor with hull number 175 painted on its body. Cao confirmed that this was reasonable, because ships generally get put into trial maritime operation as soon as they receive hull numbers. The ship will be delivered to the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) pending a successful trial operation, Cao added.

The naming and commissioning ceremony of the new type guided-missile destroyer Xining (Hull Number 117) was held at a naval port of the North China Sea Fleet under the PLA Navy (PLAN) on 22 January 2017. The ceremony kicked off at 10 am. Rear Admiral Zhang Wendan, commander of the North China Sea Fleet of the PLA Navy, announced the order and presented the navy ensign and naming certificate for the new guided-missile destroyer Xining.

With hull number 117, Xining is a homegrown guided-missile destroyer integrated with many new types of weaponry. The destroyer has high informatization level, advanced stealth capability and electromagnetic compatibility. The destroyer is mainly responsible for formation command, regional air defense, anti-submarine warfare and other missions. Chinese navy's first generation of domestic guided-missile destroyer with hull number 108 was once also named Xining but the destroyer retired in 2013 after 33 years of service.

China's 13th Type 052D destroyer was named Qiqihar and would soon be commissioned into the PLA Navy, Hecheng Evening News, a Qiqihar-based newspaper, reported in April 2019. Qiqihar is a city in Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province and is not the capital. More Type 052D destroyers were on the way.

Just one day after the new world record was born, Jiangnan Shipyard met some of the obsessive-compulsive disorder needs and put together an integer, and launched another 052D China Aegis ship, which is a 052D series ship. For the 24th ship, another world record of ten Aegis ships a year was born.

At a time when China has been launching new generation destroyers at a rapid pace, Chinese experts said that the PLA Navy's development has entered a new stage, with third generation warships becoming the main battle equipment and fourth generation ones beginning to enter service. Hong Kong-based media group Takung Wenwei reported on 30 August 2020 that the PLA Navy's eighth Type 055 and 25th Type 052D Luyang III destroyers were simultaneously launched in the Dalian Shipyard in Northeast China's Liaoning Province that morning. These new Chinese warships are comparable to world's top destroyers, including the US' Arleigh Burke-class, Chinese analysts said.

The Guilin, a Type 052D guided missile destroyer newly commissioned into the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) South Sea Fleet, participated in a live-fire exercise at the start of 2022, with analysts saying on 13 January 2022 that the warship can rapidly achieve initial operational capability. Foreign media outlets have speculated that the Guilin entered service in the second half of 2021, and if so, the destroyer is becoming combat-ready very fast, the expert said.

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