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JM-8 / JY813 / JY-816

The JM-8 articulated tracked vehicle, the military variant of the JY813, is used for off-road transport of personnel and supplies, particularly in mountainous terrain, The JM-8 is a Chinese derivative of the BAE Systems Bv 206, which originated in Sweden. The JM-8, in contrast to the Bv206, has a reinforced chassis with one additional road wheel. The track has a seamless rubber reinforced structure, rather than individual inks in a chain. The hulls of the front and rear sections are constructed of fiberglass. The power-pack is located to the rear in the front section. The vehicle is used to assist in natural disasters, to provide medical assistance, to combat forest fires, and support military operations. It can be transported by air inside of the Mi-26 helicopter.

JY-813 has many models, J, F, Q, 813B-R, etc. It was initially developed as a commercial vehicle, but the commercial value of this type of vehicle could not fully reflect its advantages, so it is appropriate to adapt to military needs. JY-816 has many models, RF, Q, etc. It is this tracked all-terrain vehicle that makes China the third country after Sweden and Russia that can produce all-terrain tracked rescue and fire fighting vehicles.

China has introduced the BV206 crawler all-terrain vehicle made in Sweden. This all-terrain vehicle runs on all terrains including snow and swamps. It is mainly used to transport combatants and materials and has a strong off-road capability. This type of vehicle has been sold to more than 40 countries and more than 10,000 units have been exported, which shows its popularity. The vehicle consists of two carriages, which are connected by a steering device. Each carriage consists of a chassis and a body. The chassis part is composed of central beam, side drive and mobile device assembly.

This is the fourth-generation grandson of BV206, with Chinese characteristics. The tracked suspension with five roadwheels very closely resembles that of the BV206, but even at first glance it is clear that the body of the cabin itself if of entirely Chinese design. but the prototype is the Singapore Bronco ATV. It is not an imitation, but a joint venture factory built by Zhanyang Power Heavy Industry and Singapore.

Part of the camps of the plateau garrison troops are above 5000 meters above sea level. Due to the dangerous mountain roads, the new all-terrain vehicles come in handy. The new all-terrain vehicles using non-metallic track structure, climbing capacity of more than 35 degrees, with an average speed of 40 kilometers, climbing over Hom Rulvpingdi, trailer can weigh up to 1.5 tons of supplies.

The All Terrain Tracked Emergency-Engineering Vehicle, is under development by its China subsidiary, GJK [Guizhou Jonyang Kinetics Co.,Ltd.], in a bid to leverage on China's cost advantage. Competition would include the Russian Vityaz DT-(10/20/30)P models and BAe Hagglunds' BVS10. Aiming at the shortcomings of the current domestic market emergency rescue equipment, such as single structure and poor environmental adaptability, Zhanyang Heavy Industry has developed the JY813-Q all-terrain crawler rescue engineering vehicle. Zhanyang Heavy Industries JY813-Q all-terrain crawler rescue engineering vehicle can perform vehicle rescue, material spotting, field maintenance and other operations in the field. It is especially suitable for performing emergency repair and insurance tasks in various complex terrain environments such as mountains, snow, playgrounds, deserts, rivers, beaches, swamps, etc.

There are a variety of configurations to meet different operating needs; equipped with hydraulic and power output interfaces, which can provide abundant hydraulic and power power to the attachment. Personnel transport vehicle (12 people) Crew (including driver): 4+8 people; the interior of the vehicle is spacious and can be configured according to customer requirements. Standard load: 4 tons.

Equipped with advanced life support system, the rear vehicle body is well-lit and equipped with air conditioning system. It can take 4 sets of stretchers with the wounded or 8 occupants/wounded. The extended stretcher system is convenient for loading and unloading the wounded on the stretcher. The integrated sleep system saves a lot of space and expands the operating space. The cargo carrying weight is 3000 kg, and the cargo lifting height is 1.9 meters; the deployment is rapid, and the loading configuration can be designed according to customer requirements. The front end is equipped with a bulldozer blade, and the back end is equipped with an excavator upper device. In rescue operations, bulldozing, excavation, repair and reinforcement can be carried out.

"All-terrain tiger" is mainly an all-terrain transportation platform. Because it can move freely in various harsh geographical conditions such as swamps, rivers, tidal flats, deserts, and snow, it is suitable for transportation work such as rescue and rescue. Based on the "whole earth tiger," the platform, Zhanyang power developed all-terrain crawler rescue fire fighting vehicles, all-terrain crawler geophysical rig trucks, crawler and all-terrain three kinds of civil engineering rescue vehicles all-terrain vehicles.

The 13-ton, 8.6-meter-long "All-terrain Tiger" has 300 horsepower and can "run" with 4.5 tons of equipment at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour; it can "swim" on the river at a speed of 5 kilometers per hour. ; It can directly drive up the slope of about 30 degrees; it can also adapt to the temperature environment of -41° to 46°.

The Zhanyang Power ATV is an improvement on the basis of the ATV introduced in Singapore. Through 5 years of continuous research, the problem of "altitude sickness" of the original all-terrain vehicle has been solved. Through the improvement of heat dissipation, the current all-terrain vehicles produced by the company can be applied to a plateau at an altitude of 4,500 meters. In other words, it can adapt to normal driving in most parts of Tibet.

In addition, on the basis of the introduction of a single body, the all-terrain vehicle produced by Zhanyang Power is equipped with a "back car" function, which is equivalent to interrupting a four-wheel drive from the middle and connecting it with a splicing device, which can better Improve the "neck to the ground" of the "all-terrain tiger" so that it can run on the ground like a snake so that it can adapt to the complex geographic environment of mainland China. Due to the four-drive power, when going uphill, the following vehicle has a thrust to the preceding car, which can make it easier to climb; when going downhill, the following vehicle can "drag" the preceding vehicle to make its braking more effective. Although the maximum carrying capacity of 4.5 tons is far lower than that of similar vehicles in Russia, the modified "All Land Tiger" has more advantages in terms of flexibility. At present, some products based on the "All Earth Tiger" series are already the third generation.

In addition to rescue vehicles, the all-terrain crawler engineering rescue vehicles that "All Terrain" will exhibit at the Manufacturing Expo can perform vehicle rescue, material hoisting, and field maintenance operations in the field. It is especially suitable for performing emergency repair and support tasks in various complex terrain environments such as mountains, snow, grasslands, deserts, rivers, river beaches, and swamps. The vehicle is equipped with cranes , generator sets , aerodynamic power sources, winches, telescopic mast lights and other equipment for field operations. The geophysical drilling locomotive has the function of mud drilling, and the depth of the mud drilling well can reach 50 meters. It is suitable for sandy beaches and soft layers in areas such as shallows, tidal flats, jungles and swamps.

JY813B-R all-terrain crawler polar transport vehicle is a special vehicle that is driven by the front and rear body and connected in an articulated manner to adapt to the entire complex terrain. It is used in special terrain such as snow, marshes, beaches, deserts, and rivers. It has superior passability, completes the transportation of personnel and materials under the special polar temperature environment and complex terrain conditions, and improves the support capability.

During the 32nd and 33rd Antarctic scientific expeditions, the JY813 all-terrain vehicle also played a pivotal role. The extremely cold -41 operates normally and can work normally even in an environment of 40°C, which is a real solution in Antarctica. The problem of the transportation of materials and personnel for the scientific research team is the domestic brand. Because of its good performance, JY813 is exported to South America, the Middle East, Central Asia and other regions. Participating in many Antarctic expeditions with the Chinese Antarctic expedition team, breaking the history of China's absence of large-scale polar scientific expedition equipment made in China, and was hailed as a "heavy weapon of a great power".

The JY816-RF protective crawler personnel transport vehicle is a special vehicle that is powered by the front and rear body and is connected in an articulated manner to adapt to the entire complex terrain. It is under special terrain such as snow, swamp, beach, desert, and river. It can complete the transportation of personnel and materials under special temperature environments or complex terrain conditions to improve support capabilities. It can also be used as a rescue command vehicle and a communication support vehicle to conduct on-site command and communication support for rescue work.

The JY816-Q all-terrain crawler rescue engineering vehicle is a kind of engineering vehicle that drives the front and rear bodies synchronously, is connected in an articulated manner, and adapts to driving in complex terrain. It can carry out operations such as vehicle rescue, material hoisting, and field maintenance. It is suitable for performing emergency repairs and support tasks in various complex terrain environments such as mountains, snowfields, pastures, shahan, rivers, river beaches, swamps, etc. The bodywork of this vehicle is mainly equipped with equipment such as crane, generator set, pneumatic power source, winch, telescopic mast lighting and so on.

Guizhou Jonyang Kinetics Co., Ltd. is a world leading company with more than 40 years experience in designing and manufacturing hydraulic excavators and special vehicles. For China, Jonyang is the birthplace of the first wheeled hydraulic excavator; Jonyang is the maker of the first scientific expedition machine landed on the South Pole; It is a supplier with high ability in research &development, manufacturing, sales and service for advanced special engineering vehicles.

Guizhou Zhanyang Power Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (Jonyang for short) was founded in 1936 and is located in Guiyang City. Singapore Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. (Xinke Engineering), once announced to the public that Autonomous Technology Pte Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore Technology Power Co., Ltd. (Xinke Power). Signed an agreement with Guizhou Industrial Investment Holding Co., Ltd. (GIIHC) to establish a joint venture company. The new company is named Guizhou Zhanyang Power Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (GJK). ST Engineering Land Systems Ltd (STELS, formerly ST Kinetics - Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd) is the land systems and specialty vehicles arm of Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd. It is one of Asia’s leading land systems and specialty vehicles companies, delivering smart engineering solutions since 1967 for the commercial, defence and homeland security markets. With more than 6,500 employees worldwide and revenue of over S$1.4b in FY2015, ST Kinetics delivers products and solutions to end users in more than 40 countries around the world; helping to maintain the peace of nations and increasing the productivity of businesses involved in earthmoving, road construction and goods distribution.

ST Engineering (Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd) is an integrated engineering group providing solutions and services. Singapore Technologies Engineering's (ST Engineering) operations are divided into four business segments: Aerospace, Electronics, Land Systems, and Marine. Headquartered in Singapore, the Group reported revenue of $6.34b in FY2015 and ranks among the largest companies listed on the Singapore Exchange. It is a component stock of the FTSE Straits Times Index and MSCI Singapore. ST Engineering has about 23,000 employees worldwide, and over 100 subsidiaries and associated companies in 46 cities across 24 countries.

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