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Bandvagn 206 (Bv 206)

The Hagglunds BV 206 All Terrain Vehicle is superbly engineered, and not just for trekking snow covered conditions. Fording streams, crawling rock surfaces, swimming deep water, maneuvering mud and muck or post-disaster debris are no obstacle for this multipurpose vehicle. The unit is even fully amphibious without extra preparation. It’s operational in more diverse environments than any other tracked vehicle.

The Bandvagn 206 (Bv 206) is a an articulated, tracked all-terrain carrier initially developed for the Swedish Army by Hägglunds (now part of BAE). It consists of two units, with all four powered tracks. It can carry up to 17 people (6 in the front compartment, 11 in the rear), and the trailer unit can be adapted for different applications. The BvS 10, should not be confused with the much larger Bv 206, which is equipped with a 6-cylinder Steyr M1 engine with 200 kW power. This fully amphibious armored vehicle has the characteristic twin-cab, articulated steering system typical of Hägglunds all terrain vehicles.

The Bv 206, achieves extremely low ground pressure through full-length, wide rubber tracks and a lightweight body. The two sections of the vehicle are articulated, allowing it to keep contact with the ground over broken terrain. The Bv 206 can be under slung and air lifted by Boeing CH-47 Chinook and Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion helicopters or carried in the C130 Hercules airplane.

The family of Hägglunds All Terrain Vehicles consists of high mobility, multipurpose tracked vehicles in service with most NATO forces. The vehicles offer excellent strategic and tactical mobility for worldwide operations. They are air transportable in C130 and can be carried either internally or under-slung medium size helicopters. The vehicles are fully amphibious with outstanding tactical mobility in all types of terrain and climate conditions. The design provides great flexibility with more than 30 variants produced. The vehicles consist of two cars with two tracks each. The cars are interconnected by an ingenious steering device that provides the steering control to ensure full power on all four tracks at all time, giving superior mobility.

The vehicles are designed to meet tough international military requirements with high reliability and low through life support cost. The vehicles are powered by commercially available turbo charged diesel engines with automatic transmission to ensure supportability, easy training and smooth driving in all types of terrain. A family of variants has been developed in close co-operation with each customer in order to fulfil high tactical requirements.

Hägglunds has more than 30 years’ experience of producing All Terrain Vehicles, where the Bv206 was the first vehicle to be developed. The key features of the Bv206, such as the strategic and tactical mobility and the amphibious capability, have been the base for development and improvement of the Bv206S and BvS10 vehicles. New customer requirements and tactical doctrines have been the input for additional key features to be integrated on both vehicle concepts. Survivability is provided through basic armour bodies which are prepared for add-on protection and mine protection. Air conditioning and automatic fire suppression has been integrated and NBC protection can be provided as an option.

A continuously development of the engines, transmissions and the electronic architecture has given new possibilities for diagnostics, built-in tests and systems for situation awareness. Smoke grenade launchers provides close protection and different weapon installations are available such as 7.62 – 12,7 mm machine guns and 40 mm grenade launchers.

The Bv206S Armored All Terrain Vehicle is a further development of the successful Bv206, and is designed to meet tough military requirements for extreme mobility under ballistic protection in all climates, with high reliability and low maintenance cost. The Bv206S is designed for multi-role worldwide operations and is an ideal concept for rapid deployment tasks, peace enforcement, peace keeping and humanitarian aid programmes, thanks to its outstanding performance and ”ready to go” capacity. The Bv206S is designed for air transportation in a number of aircraft such as C130, C17 and CH47, CH53 helicopters and is amphibious with minor preparation.

The Bv206S is in service within the Swedish, French, German, Italian and Spanish armies and under evaluation by other armies as of 2016.

Technical Specifications

Bv 206S Caterpillar Track
Country of origin : Sweden
Manufacturer : AB Hägglund & Sönar
Today BAE Systems Hägglund AB, Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
Number of crew : 4 (Front car) + 8 (rear car)
Length : 6920 mm
Height : 2000 mm
Width : 2000 mm
Track : 1380 mm
Ground Clearance : 300 mm
Turning Radius : 16 m
Gross vehicle weight : 7000 Kg
Payload : 1550 Kg (including add on armor)
command post mounting kit,
NBC protection system, radio equipment and communication system
for front and rear car, crew and its equipment
Maximum trailer weight : 2500 Kg
Curb weight : 5450 Kg including fuel
Specific ground pressure : 1.36 N/cm² front car
1.31 N/cm² rear car
Maximum road speed : 52 km/h
Maximum speed in water : 4.7 km/h
Trench crossing : 1800 mm
Gradeability : 100 % / 45°
Gradeability, deep snow :  30 % / 17°
Side slope : 75 % (35°)

Fording Depth :

it is amphibious without any extra equipment
Make and Model : Steyr M16 TCA HD
Type : 6 cylinders - 4 stroke turbo Diesel Engine
Fuel : Diesel
Gross Horsepower : 177 bhp (202 KW) at 2500 rpm
Maximum engine speed (neutral) : 5000 to 5200 rpm
Weight of the engine : about 235 kg
Fuel tank contents : 160 Litres
Road range : 330 km with one tank filling and two 20 litre jerry cans
Electrical system : 24 V
Transmission : Daimler Chrysler W5A-580 automatic transmission with five forward gears and one reverse gear
Break system : Hydraulic disk brake as main brake and manual disk brake as emergency brake
Steering system : Hydrostatic, articulated, damped
Tracks : Endless tracks made by Skega weighing 190 kg per piece
Width of track : 620 mm
Armor Protection : From the effects of 7.62mm x 54R (Dragunow) ammunition as well as
from splinters of 152mm artillery ammunition when exploding in a range
of up to 10m from the vehicle
Operating temperature range : -32°C to +46°C

BvS10 Hägglunds All Terrain Vehicle

Bv 206 (Bandvagn 206)

BV 410 [BvS10 MkIIB]

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