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Bronco All Terrain Tracked Carrier (ATTC)
Bronco Mortar Tracked Carrier (MTC)

The Bronco All Terrain Tracked Carrier (ATTC) was unveiled in 2000 by ST Kinetics (a subsidiary of ST Engineering) as Singapore's first all terrain, multi-purpose articulated tracked carrier that could augment the Army's mechanised force. The vehicle was product of close cooperation between ST Kinetics, the Singapore Armed Forces, and the Defence Science & Technology Agency (DSTA). The vehicle was developed to supplement and potentially supplant the Bv-206 series vehicles already operated by the Singapore Army. Though similar in concept to the Swedish vehicle, the designs are distinct. The Bronco can be configured for a variety of missions, such as general troop carrier, ambulance, resupply, and field workshop.

The Bronco also served as the basis for a mortar carrier vehicle, the Bronco Mortar Tracked Carrier (MTC). Unveiled in 2007, the MTC was also jointly developed by the SAF, DSTA and ST Kinetics. Its primary weapon is ST Kinetics 120mm Super Rapid Advanced Mortar System (SRAMS), a recoiled mortar system, which is capable of engaging targets quickly and accurately at a high rate of firing. The built-in Automatic Fire Control System (AFCS) comprises a Fire Control Unit and an Inertia Navigation System, allowing it to conduct immediate deployment without conventional surveying methods. This enhances survivability during deployment. A Hydro-pneumatic Recoil System reduces the overall recoil force, thus allowing minimal reinforcement of the original hull structure, and post-firing stabilising time. This increases the rate of firing with improved accuracy. The Blast Diffuser reduces the impact of shockwaves generated from the blasts, further enhancing the safety of its crew. The AFCS is also equipped with a Mortar Platoon Management System (MPMS) which enables it to be networked to the 3rd Generation Armoured Battle Group via the Battlefield Management System (BMS).

In 2010, the United Kingdom purchased 115 Bronco ATTCs in 4 configurations (troop carrier, command post, repair and recovery, and ambulance), specifically configured for use as a protected patrol vehicle by UK forces in Afghanistan. The vehicle, dubbed the Warthog, was intended to replace a variant of the BAE Systems Hagglunds BVS10, called the Viking. The Warthog was equipped with an upgraded cooling and filtration system, Bowman BCIP 5 communications, mine blast protection and slat armor, and electronic counter measures. The Warthog provided protected mobility for infantry troops and was also used in a mounted close combat role and in support for dismounted close combat scenarios. All Warthogs were equipped with a crew served weapons system. This provided them with a protected weapon station from which the commander would be able to quickly deliver fire on either the 7.62mm General Purpose Machine Gun or a .50 caliber Heavy Machine Gun. The mount allowed accurate, suppressive fire out to 1000 meters allowing for effective self defence or the provision of fire support when required.

By 2013, ST Kinetics was also offering a New-Gen Bronco ATTC, which featured a lower curb weight than either the Bronco ATTC or the Warthog variant. The vehicle featured a complete re-engineered chassis incorporating a v-shaped hull to maximise the crew's operating space and protect against underbody detonations.

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