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Dongyuan test vessels

Dongyuan [East Tune, or Eastern Song] series of test vessels included four types of high-performance ship, including: type wave-piercing catamaran hull form ("Dongwon 01" vessel), SWATH hulls ("Dongwon 02" and "Dongwon 04" ships), single-purpose Ship type ("Dongyuan 03" ship), the navigation area is in the coastal waters of China. Due to different requirements, the main scale, displacement, endurance, self-sustaining force, propulsion mode, test function and wind resistance grade are all different.

The ocean accounts for 71% of the earth's surface and is rich in energy. The 21st century is the century of the sea, in the face of the increasingly depleted earth resources, the world's military developed countries to the sea resources competition from the offshore gradually to the far-reaching sea, our government also made timely naval equipment development from "offshore defense" to "far-sea defense" strategic decision.

In recent years, with the rapid increase of long-distance exploration, testing and law enforcement tasks, the state has also increased its investment in the construction of multi-type deep-sea research vessels, test ships and official law enforcement vessels, such as the representative "Science" and "Yangyang Hong 01" ships. The construction and successive delivery of these ships, on the one hand, to ensure the smooth development and completion of the country's far-reaching maritime inspection, testing and law enforcement tasks, but also brought about the economic and environmental protection of the ship's operation. Especially in the ship design, construction technology rapid development today, its "advanced, economic, viability" concept of use has won the unanimous approval of users, and in the promotion of ship construction technology development process is of great significance.

As a big country with thousands of kilometers of coastline, the Chinese government also timely proposed the transformation of naval equipment from "offshore defense" to "far-sea defense" strategy, and clearly proposed the development of marine economy in the party's 18th National Congress and the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan". The development of a maritime power and the promotion of the transformation and upgrading of the national economy. In conjunction with the country's future development plan for the marine economy, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the State Oceanic Administration jointly issued the Medium and Long-Term Development Plan for the Equipment Manufacturing Industry, and will grasp the overall trend and dedication of the development and utilization and protection of the world's marine resources.

The development and utilization of marine resources at home and abroad and the promotion of rapid and healthy development of marine equipment manufacturing industry are determined as the guiding ideology and overall goal of China's marine economic development in the next 5-10 years. At the same time, the comprehensive resource survey ship design technology is identified as the key technology of offshore engineering equipment, and marine engineering. The equipment is developed with a focus on integrated resource survey vessels. Therefore, the development and utilization of deep-sea marine resources is of great significance, and the development of the deep-sea marine industry is the most crucial means to realize the development and utilization of the marine economy. In the world of countries vying to develop various types of new deep-sea survey ship technology, various high-performance ship types are representative of design innovation, functional innovation and application innovation in this field.

Due to the late start of the development and utilization of marine resources in the deep and distant seas of China, the design and technical reserves of the deep-sea survey vessels are limited. However, through the unremitting efforts of recent years and the investment of funds from different channels, many types have been developed suitable for China's coastal limited navigation. The various types of high-performance ship types in the area, the Dongyuan series is one of the outstanding representatives.

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