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Dongyuan 03 test vessel / North 993 comprehensive test ship

"Dongyuan 03" ship is a single-body steel multi-purpose test ship, completed in December 2000 to deliver and use, power using medium-speed diesel engine direct propulsion mode, two-machine double oars. The ship has the advantages of stable propulsion system, good maneuverability, large modification margin, spacious working deck, advanced special installation technology and so on. In 2012, by retrofitting the oil tank and the water tank, the ship's battery life, self-holding and other major technical indicators were enhanced.

The total length of the ship is 86. meters, the depth is 6.8 meters, the width is 4 meters, the draft is 3.9 meters, the designed displacement is 2325 tons, the speed is 16 knots, the endurance is 2000 nautical miles, the self-sustaining power is 20 days, the crew is 30 people, and the test personnel are 70 people. The main engine is two 2200 kW diesel engines.

The first ball compartment of the bow has a sound-permeable function. It also has a side hull with a sound-permeable window. The middle part of the hull is equipped with an open-air well with a diameter of 6.4m. The upper part is equipped with a 20-ton lifting slewing device. The stroke reaches 9m underwater. The bow has 8 tons of cranes, 3 tons of slings and 5 tons of gantry at the stern, equipped with hydrodynamic winches, geological winches, line array winches, as well as wave detection systems, ADCP and other investigation equipment. It has 4 laboratories with a total area of 120 square meters.

"Dongyuan 03" ship propulsion system using conventional diesel engine direct propulsion. Select 2 models MAK-6M453C single power 2 200 kW of low-speed diesel engine, through 2 transmission shafts to drive the blade direct propulsion mode, the total power of about 4,400 kW. Propulsion system has the advantages of stable operation, high propulsion power and high propulsion efficiency.

name indicator
Captain/m 86.4
maximum speed/kn 16
width/m 14.6
/nmile 2 500
deep/m 6.8
fuel reserve/t 250
maximum water/m 3.9
self-holding/d 30
design drainage/t 2 325
crew establishment/person 30
the ball nose at the baseline /m 1
experimenter/person 70
host group/ 2
working sea area the northern part of the South China Sea
diesel engine model MAK-6M453C
bore 320 mm
maximum continuous power /kW 2 200
start compressed air start
maximum speed/r.min-1 600
environmental conditions air 45 degrees C sea water 32 degrees C
minimum operating speed/r.min-1 360
overhaul interval/h 30,000
integrated fuel consumption/t.h-1 0.95
unit weight/kg 22500
benefits the thrust is large, the host group runs steadily
shortcomings not energy-saving, efficient in general, the weight of the unit is high

Dongyuan 03 wave-piercing catamaran Dongyuan 03 wave-piercing catamaran Dongyuan 03 wave-piercing catamaran

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