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Dongyuan 04 test vessel

Dongyuan 04 test vesselOn 28 November 2017, the shipyard heavy industry subordinate Bohai shipyard and China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry 760 (Dalian Institute of measurement and control technology) signed a deep sea equipment comprehensive test ship construction contract in Dalian. Bohai ship group chairman Li Tianbao, 760 director Zhang Yan jointly signed the construction contract. Bohai ship group deputy general manager He Tangding and mills both leaders attended the signing ceremony.

The new "Dongyuan 04" is a small water line test catamaran ship with the world's largest displacement, designed by by 702 Institute and 701 Institue. The ship's length 99 meters, the designed waterline length of 87 meters, the submersible maximum width of 8.8 meters, width 32 meters, 13.2 meters deep, the design capacity of 5500 tons, a maximum speed of 16 knots, endurance 18000 sea miles, holding force 90 days, the crew of 60 people, the host for the 2 sets of 4000KW diesel engine, DC network integrated electric propulsion, a double hangar and helicopter landing platform helicopter cruise and meet the security needs test.

The well hull is arranged in the middle of a big opening, with 30 tons and 50 tons of cranes, heavy duty winch of 300KN 500KN, a 50 tons, a 3 tons of drag in Longmen, 2 sets of A type frame, hydraulic winch 100KN, 200KN a. The ship has 16 laboratories with a total area of 832 square meters. It also has a conference room and a test command center and other functional compartments.

The advantages of the future test ship using DC network technology and "Deep Sea Equipment Integrated Test Ship" adopted a two-body small waterline surface ship type, speed is not less than 15 kn, the total power station power is about 9.5 MW, single The shaft power is about 3.3 MW. This high-speed special ship type puts forward higher requirements for the ship's propulsion power and overall design. Limited by the special ship type of small water line surface, the area under the hull waterline can be used for small and irregular line type, to the propulsion system equipment selection, cabin layout put forward more demanding requirements, at the same time the ship type weight control is also a difficult point in ship design, requiring the loading equipment light weight, small size. If the DC network power propulsion method is used, compared with the traditional AC power propulsion system, it can save propulsion transformers, inverters and other devices, integrate power distribution equipment, in the design is more conducive to the overall layout of ships, but also greatly reduce the weight of equipment loading and propulsion system comprehensive cost.

"Ident-First-Line" and "Deep-sea Equipment Integrated Test Ship" during the test because of the need for a large number of precision test equipment equipment equipment to ship, therefore, the ship itself has a higher requirement for harmonic control. In this point, the use of E-PP technology DC network power propulsion technology and traditional AC network power propulsion technology can solve the impact and impact of harmonics on marine scientific research equipment. At present, the technology has been introduced by professional manufacturers in the system digestion, and has opened the first of the real ship application. Therefore, "deep-sea equipment integrated test ship" such as the use of DC network power propulsion technology, not only to solve the overall layout difficult, weight center of gravity control, power station harmonics, energy conservation and environmental protection and many other design key issues, but also for China's follow-up similar ship type development can provide a strong reference.

The ship adopts advanced technology of quantitative acoustic design and the ideas, in addition to the poles can sail outside the unlimited navigation area, can undertake far-reaching sea test, acoustic national deep-sea space station sea test tasks at the same time, the electronic information network of underwater acoustic equipment sea test function. After the ship is put into use, it will fill the blank of the unguaranteed test platform of China's special equipment in the deep sea sea area.

Dongyuan 04 was expected to be completed in July 2020. After the completion of the ship, 760 comprehensive marine test support capabilities will be greatly enhanced.

The small waterplane area twin-hull ship, abbreviated as SWATH ship, also known as semi submersible catamaran, had deep double plates under water, small water surface double strut is connected with the upper and lower, higher on the surface of the three part of the ship hull is composed of a spacious. Seakeeping SWATH ship motion in waves, gentle movement cycle increased, without harmonic shake in the automatic control system by using the fin, wing to wear with waves or wave pattern control can ensure the good stability of the platform and navigation state controllability in waves, can smooth implementation of maritime operations.

Under relatively small displacement, the deck area and the effective cabin capacity are spacious, which is beneficial to the overall layout. The stability of maneuverability and heading is good, and the slewing of the ship is good at low speed, which is good for safe operation of the sea. However, the wet surface area of the swath is large and the frictional resistance is large. Compared with the single displacement ship with the same displacement, the wettable surface area of the swath increases by 70%, so the resistance of the swath is relatively large at low speed. The hull structure is complex, the weight ratio of conventional single ship is displacement; load the draft change very sensitive; catamaran equipment capacity, the control system is complicated; and the whole ship variable parameters, the main body and the pillar of the latent scale, selection and linearity, stability, resistance, structure etc. calculation, test and design optimization technology of heavy workload, the cost is relatively high. At present, swath catamaran is mainly used in marine survey ships, passenger ferry, offshore oil field traffic boats and military auxiliary ships (blade / crane flight)

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