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WS8 Engine

The WS8 was a front-fan, axial flow, two spool turbofan engine with a short bypass duct. The take-off thrust was 80 kN (8,165 kgf), and it was developed for the Y-10 passenger aeroplane.

This engine was first developed by CEF in 1970. In September 1973, the task was transferred to the Shanghai Aeroengine Factory (SAF), which was built in the early 1970s. The work proceeded quickly under the support and assistance from all departments concerned. In June 1975, the 1st engine was released for test. Up to 1982, there were 8 engines on test: one finished 1,000 hours' endurance test, one completed 150 hours' airworthiness certification test, one was installed on aircraft for 8 takeoffs and nearly 22 hours proof flight tests. The results proved that the engine worked steadily, its performance was good, and it met the design requirements.

With the cooperation and support within and outside of MAI, several new materials were used, with the titanium alloy amounting to about 17% of the engine weight. Some new production techniques were successfully developed such as the profile machining of the deep hole of the long shaft and the welding of the complicated casing. Some new surface treatment techniques were also used, for instance: the Ni-Cd diffused coating against corrosion at moderate temperature, graphite varnish against the titanium alloy being stuck together, and aluminizing siliconizing of turbine blades against high temperature corrosion. The needed parts and accessories were all ready and small batch production could begin. The development of the WS8 engine was a major achievement. Later, as the Y-10 aeroplane would not go on and there were no other applications, the engine did not get the type certificate.

For the development of the aeroplane and engine, an open test bed for the engine reverser was set up in Shanghai in the late 1970s, and was later retrofitted to be a standard open test bed for thrust calibration of new engines.

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