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WS11 turbofan

The WS11 turbofan is a copy of the Ukrainian AI-25. This low thrust turbofan, without afterburning, has a thrust of 1.6T. It entered mass production in the year 2002, for the trainer K8 (JL8) and unmanned aerial vehicles. The K-8 climb rate of 30m/s is 5760 feet/min, which is a poor climb rate. Even the Hawk has a rate of climb of 9300 ft/min but Hawk is very old design as compared to K-8.

Designed to power Yak-40 aircraft successfully operated at short-haul and medium-haul air routes in various countries of the world. It powered M-15 agricultural airplane from Poland. A demand for this small turbofan to power the Yak-40, the first in the USSR and in the world regional aircraft was created in the middle of the 1970s. The engine design is easy for maintenance, trouble-fre and reliable in operation, ensures an aircraft flight under expected operation conditions. The engine improved versions designated AI-25 series 2, AI-25 series 2AI-25 series 2A were in series manufacture at Motor Sich plant in Zaporozhye. Further, the AI-25-based modified versions the AI-25AL, AI-25AL, AI-25AL series 2, AI-25ALSh engines were designed for trainers.

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