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Dark Sword (An-Jian / Anjian)

China at the 2012 Zhuhai Air Show launched a series of new military unmanned aerial vehicles. Among them, the called "Dark Sword" UAV plan, caught the Western countries, especially the US counterparts attention, because this supersonic air combat UAV could help China use anti-ship ballistic missiles to attack any US aircraft carrier.

At the Zhuhai Air Show in October 2012, China showed a series of unmanned combat aircraft systems and models, so that military experts around the world were surprised, as they did not expect in just a few years, China's unmanned combat aircraft technology had entered the first rank of the world.

China's original development of the "Dark Sword" UAV, is a development the Western countries do not have. The supersonic unmanned combat aircraft can not only perform air-to-air combat, but also for ground attack. It can even carry anti-ship ballistic missiles on the aircraft carrier to implement a fatal blow, it can be said that China's "Dark Sword" UAV is the world's only aircraft carrier attack UAV system.

Dark sword no one combat aircraft is designed by the Shenyang Institute of aircraft design of a supersonic, with air combat capability of an unmanned combat aircraft.

Dark Sword first public is the October 2006 Zhuhai air show , the model of the exhibition caused a sensation. With the current development trend of most stealth unmanned aerial vehicles, that is different from the popular X-47 B-type aerodynamic layout of the UAV design, "dark sword" unique design, it has a supersonic, ultra-high mobility and low detection UAV capability. This design is very new and has a strong application potential, but at the same time the difficulty is also very high, because it requires a high automatic intelligent design.

The world's stealth unmanned aerial vehicles are more emphasis on stealth performance, the use of the choice of subsonic, flat no tail, to give up the air combat performance of the aircraft, mainly for the investigation of the earth, against the sea; but "dark sword" has canard wing, swpt wing, the engine inlet is located below the fuselage. These features show that it has a high maneuverability, may have supersonic cruise capability.

Dark Sword (An-Jian / Anjian) Dark Sword (An-Jian / Anjian) Dark Sword (An-Jian / Anjian) Dark Sword (An-Jian / Anjian) Dark Sword (An-Jian / Anjian) Dark Sword (An-Jian / Anjian) Dark Sword (An-Jian / Anjian) Dark Sword (An-Jian / Anjian)
In 2016 from August 17 to September 9, foreign media reported that in less than a month's time, China's conducted a Marh 4 hypersonic UAV test flight. At that time, analysts believe that from the description of the aircraft can be seen at the time, China's new hypersonic verification machine is likely similar to the United States SR-71 "Blackbird" strategic reconnaissance aircraft. It is generally similar, but its flight speed is clearly more than "black Bird "reconnaissance plane. "Blackbird" maximum speed of 3.2 to 3.5 Mach or so, has not yet reached the level of hypersonic. It was bulky, with complex maintenance, high cost. Linked to the concept of unmanned combat aircraft program "Dark Sword" UAV in the 2014 air show on display when foreign media were surprised, military observers speculated it was likely that "dark sword" UAV one of the program Smooth test of the signal.

After more than ten years, with no news, the Dark Sword gradually faded from the public view. Until mid-2018, a secretly blurred photo was released as a team of engineers taking a photo in front of a real version of the Dark Sword Drone. Its shape is roughly the same as the model, with only slight changes, and external evaluation is likely a commemorative photo of the prototype's first flight, and at the same time it broke the rumor that the Dark Sword plan was just a concept or was cancelled. It had been in secret for more than a decade. Western military media judged based on appearance and outflow information, it is likely to use a tandem turbo- ramjet engine , mixing the two engines in the same aircraft, using the front turbine engine below Mach 3, and speeding above Mach 3 due to extremely high speed does not require the turbine blades to rotate and compress, and through the action of the adjustable inlet and inner channel adjustment plates, the turbojet rotor is isolated from the high-speed airflow and becomes a ramjet engine.

China's "dark sword" drone plan implies that it hopes to design a drone that does not exist in Western countries-a supersonic drone capable of conducting air-to-air combat and launching a ground attack. This new Chinese drone design can serve as a targeting node for Chinese anti-ship ballistic missiles against US aircraft carriers. China has launched drone projects since the mid-1990s. However, most of China's drone projects are confidential, and it is difficult for the outside world to evaluate the advanced nature of their drone projects.

Some people claim that the "Dark Sword" plan has been abandoned, and others speculate that the "Dark Sword" has quietly entered the finalization stage. Due to funding or other reasons, this project did not go on and stopped, so it did not come to the exhibition. Another possibility is that it has entered the intensive R & D phase. The "dark sword" provoked various opinions is still covered by mysteries, and the whereabouts of the "dark sword" has also been the focus of tracking China by intelligence experts from various countries. Whether public or confidential, this is actually a consideration and game of national strategy.

According to the "New Military" report, a rare photo on the Chinese mainland social network in May 2018 showed that a large drone sprayed with the word "Dark Sword" attracted great attention from all sides. Analysis believes that this should be the prototype of the "dark sword" jet supersonic drone.

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