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FF 1052 KNOX class Propulsion

The propulsion plant of an escort-type ship is required to drive the ship at a sustained speed of 20 knots for several thousand miles to enable it to provide continuous escort to trans-ocean convoys. Periodically, the ship will have a requirement for higher speeds to investigate possible submarine con-tacts and, if necessary, carry out an attack against the undersea craft.

The KNOX-class escort ships are propelled by a steam turbine turning a single propeller shaft. The steam plant in the KNOX-class ships is one-half of the propulsion system of the larger, ADAMS-class destroyers. The basic plant is thus tried and tested, with demonstrated reliability. However, several design improvements were made when the plant was adapted to the KNOX class, resulting in increased automation and performance. During fleet operations the KNOX and her sister ships exceeded both their designed speed and endurance requirements.

Normally, these ships steam on one boiler which can provide sufficient steam for about 75 percent of their designed speed; the second boiler is "cut in" to provide additional speed when required. The steam plant installed in the KNOX-class ships is considered the optimum in conventional steam propulsion, with further increases in per-formance requiring considerable increases in size and fuel consumption.

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