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FF 1052 KNOX class Personnel

The basic design of the KNOX-class escort ships provides accommodations for 17 officers and 228 enlisted men. In addition, some of the ships have accommodations for two additional officers, the senior of which will be the commander of a squadron or division of escort ships. The addition of the helicopter and Sea Sparrow anti-aircraft missile to these ships will increase their complements up to 22 officers and 261 enlisted men.

The Commanding Officer of each ship is a commander who has had previous experience in destroyer- or escort-type ships. He generally will have 14 to 15 years of naval service prior to assum-ing command of the DE.

The Executive Officer is the principal deputy to the commanding officer and second in command of the ship. He personally supervises a small Execu-tive Department that handles administrative matters for the ship. The primary enlisted men in the Execu-tive Department are yeomen and personnelmen. The Navigator is responsible for plotting the ship's position, recommending courses, and assigning men -to stand watch on the ship's bridge. His en-listed assistants are quartermasters.

The Operations Officer, with three officer assis-tants, has a 60-man department that operates the "nerve center" of the ship, the Combat Information Center (CIC). CIC houses radar screens, plotting and status display boards, and other equipment to provide a "big picture" of the air, surface, and under-water situations for the commanding officer. This department also has responsibility for the ship's electronic equipment and communications. The primary ratings in this department are radarmen, radiomen, electronics technicians, and signalmen.

The ship's main turbine engines and auxiliary machinery are operated and maintained by the En-gineering Department. The Engineering Officer and his two officer assistants direct this department's 75 enlisted men. Key ratings in department are elec-trician's mates, enginemen, interior communication electricians, boilermen, machinist's mates, and ship-fitters.

The Weapons Officer supervises the three officers and 80 men of the Weapons Department, the largest organization aboard the ship. This department operates and maintains the ship's 5-inch gun, ASROC launcher, torpedoes, and other weapons. The department also has charge of the general up-keep of the ship and handling lines, deck equip-ment, and the motor whaleboat. Key ratings in Weapons Department include boatswain's mates, gunner's mates, fire control technicians, and torpedoman's mates.

The Supply Officer and his 35 enlisted men are responsible for fulfilling needs of the entire ship and crew, including food, its preparation and serving, clothing, pay, the ship's stores, repair parts and spares, furniture, and an almost endless list of items to maintain a man-of-war. Enlisted men in the Supply Department are storekeepers, commissary-men, disbursing clerks, ship's servicemen, and stew-ards.

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