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Typhon DLGN Specifications - SRI

Of the TYPHON ships analyzed in 1963 by the Naval Warfare Research Center at the Stanford Research Institute, the DLG(1-2) was the most effective, except against very-low-altitude attacks, where the DLG(0-3) enjoyed a slight advantage in firepower and effectiveness, due to the low launcher reload cycle time (10 sec) from three MR missile launchers. The performance of the DLG(l-2) lay between the DLG(0-3) and the DLG(1-2) at altitudes greater than 30,000 ft. Below 30,000 ft it tends to lean more toward the DLW(l-2) with respect to effectiveness and firepower. Under the conditions of jamming specified, the DLG(l-2) appeared to lose much of the effectiveness advantage it enjoys over the other two TYPHON frigates at the higher altitudes, With ECM, its saturation raid size and firepower characteristics were approximately the same as those for the DLG(1-2).

When the TYPHON ships were deployed on picket stations, the DLG(1-2) emerges from the analysis as the strongest TYPHON frigate. The effectiveness of the TYPHON frigates when so deployed is, in fact, directly proportional to the range of their AAW weapons. With the TYPHON ships in the task force main body, and for the attack postulated (which is predominantly low level) all three TYPHON frigate variants were closely matched in effectiveness.

When operating exclusively with Terrier, Tartar, and Talos [aka 3T] missile systems the task was completely saturated and destroyed by the enemy attack that has been assumed for this study. All three TYPHON frigates considered were generally more effective against the postulated attack when deployed in the task force main body than when assigned to picket stations.

Ship Type Early Warning Two- Coordinate RadarThree- Coordinate Radar Displacement (tons) Length (ft) Beam (ft) Speed (Kts)
DDG-2 AN/SPS-37 (small) AN/SPS-39 4,500 432 47 32.5
DLG-9 AN/SPS-29 AN/SPS-39 5,350513 50 34.5
DLG-16AN/SPS-43 (large) AN/SPS-39 7,650 533 53 33
DLG (T)AN/SPS-43 (large) None
CLG-3AN/SPS-43 (large) AN/SPS-39 15,142 610 66 30.6
CG-10AN/SPS-43 (large) AN/SPS-39 18,340 674 71 31.5
CC (T)AN/SPS-43 (large) AN/SPS-39

Fire Control Radar AN/SPG-59 AN/SPG-59
Missile Type LR Typhon
MR Typhon
MR Typhon
Launchers 3
Position 1 fore
2 aft
2 fore
1 aft
Missiles/Launcher 4040

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