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CG-47 Ticonderoga-class

Builders Ingalls Shipbuilding: CG-47-50, CG 52-57, 59,62, 65-66, 68-69, 71-73
Bath Iron Works: CG-51,58,60-61,63-64,67,70
Propulsion 4 General Electric LM-2500 Gas Turbine Engines (80,000 Shaft Horsepower)
2 Controllable-Reversible Pitch Propellers
2 Rudders
Length Overall Length: 567 ft
Waterline Length: 529 ft
Beam Extreme Beam: 55 ft
Waterline Beam: 55 ft
Draft 33 ft Maximum Navigational Draft
24 ft Draft [keel]]
23 ft Draft Limit
Displacement Light Displacement: 7103 tons
Full Displacement: 9957 tons
Dead Weight: 2854 tons
Speed 30 plus knots
Aircraft Two SH-2 Seasprite (LAMPS) in CG 47-48
Two SH-60 Sea Hawk (LAMPS III)
Armament 1 MK 7 AEGIS Weapons System
2 MK26 missile launcher (CG47-51) or
2 MK41 vertical launching system (CG52-73)
0 VLS Cells
127 VLS Cells
Standard Missile (MR)
Anti-Submarine Rocket (ASROC)
Tomahawk ASM/LAM
2 Harpoon Missile Quad-Canister Launchers
2 MK 32 MOD 14 Torpedo Tubes - 6 MK-46 torpedoes
2 MK 45 5"/54-Caliber Lightweight Gun Mounts
1 MK 15 MOD 2 Close-in-Weapons Systems (CIWS) (2 Mounts)
1 MK 36 MOD 2 Super Rapid-Blooming Off-Board Chaff System
2 50-Caliber Machine Guns
Combat Systems
Earlier Ships
1 AN/SPY-1A Radar (Four Arrays) (CG47-59)
1 AN/SPS-49 Air Search Radar
1 AN/SPS-55 Surface Search Radar
1 AN/SPQ-9 Gun Fire Control Radar

4 AN/SPG-62 Illuminators

1 AN/SQS-53A Hull Mounted SONAR (CG47-55)

1 AN/SLQ-32(V)3 Electronic Warfare Suite
Later Ships
1 AN/SPY-1B(V) Multi-Function Radar (CG59-73)
1 AN/SPS-49(V)8 Air Search Radar
1 AN/SPS-55 Surface Search Radar
1 AN/SPS-64(V)9 Navigation Radar
1 AN/SPQ-9 Gun Fire Control Radar
4 AN/SPG-62 Illuminators
1 AN/SQQ-89(V) 6 ASW Combat System
1 AN/SQS-53B Hull Mounted SONAR (CG56-67)
1 AN/SQS-53C Hull Mounted SONAR (CG68-73)
1 AN/SQR-19B Towed Array SONAR (TACTAS)
1 AN/SLQ-32A(V)3 Electronic Warfare Suite
Crew 24 Officers, 340 Enlisted
Unit Operating Cost
Annual Average
$28,000,000 [source: [FY1996 VAMOSC]

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