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AN/SPG-62 Fire Control Radar

The Raytheon/RCA AN/SPG-62 is an I/J-Band fire control radar on Aeigis-class ships operates as a component of the MK-99 Fire Control System (FCS). FCS controls the continuous wave illuminating radar, providing a very high probability of kill. The Mk-99 Fire Control System also controls the target illumination for the terminal guidance of Ship Launched SM-2 Anti-Air Missiles.

The AN/SPG-62 is a continuous wave, illumination radar for the Standard SM-2 missile as part of the Mark 99 fire-control system in the Aegis air defense missile system. The Aegis ships have three (DDG-51) or four (CG47) Mk 99 missile control directors that use the SPG-62 illumination channel to provide radar reflections for Standard missiles. Physical resemblance to the AN/SPG-52.

The SPY-1 radar system detects and tracks targets and then points the SPG-62 toward the target, which in turn provides illumination for the terminal guidance of SM-2 missiles. In order to track a target a very narrow beam of RF energy is needed. The narrower the beam, the more accurately it is possible to tell whether there is one target or multiple targets (this is called radar resolution). This narrow beam radar is normally a second radar that works with a primary search or track radar. The AN/SPG-62 illuminating radar works as a second radar with the AN/SPY-1 series radar.

Antenna Dimensions:  7 ft 5 in (2,286 mm) diameter 
Band:  I-J (8-20 GHz) 
Peak Power:  10 kW (average) 

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