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F-22 Raptor Chronology - 1991

January 3, 1991
The Lockheed/Boeing/General Dynamics team makes its oral summary presentation to the Air Force.

January 1991
F-22 program begins to relocate to Marietta from California. Also, the Gulf War begins and the F-15 Eagle quickly establishes American air superiority.

April 22, 1991
Air Force Secretary Dr. Donald Rice announces that declining defense budgets will reduce the number of Advanced Tactical Fighters (ATF).

April 23, 1991
Lockheed team and the F-22 win the ATF contract. For the engines, Pratt & Whitney's F119 engine is the winner.

June 1991
The number-one YF-22 prototype is flown aboard a Lockheed C-5 to Andrews AFB, Md., to participate in the Air Force's "Stealth Week," an informational exhibit for Congress and the media. The YF-22 is displayed with a Lockheed F-117 stealth fighter and a B-2 bomber.

June 23, 1991
The number-one YF-22 is flown to Marietta aboard a C-5 aircraft. This YF-22, which will not be flown again; will be used primarily as an engineering mockup.

August 2, 1991
Air Force awards Lockheed/Boeing/General Dynamics $9.55 billion engineering and manufacturing development (EMD) contract. Aircraft in the contract are 11 flyable F-22s (nine single- seat and two tandem-seat F-22Bs) and two test beds.

September 1991
The number-two YF-22 prototype is trucked from Edwards AFB, Calif., to Palmdale, Calif., for a planned layup and the installation of test equipment. It is trucked back to Edwards in October.

October 30, 1991
Flight testing of PAV-2 resumes at the Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards AFB, Calif., as Lockheed pilot Tom Morgenfeld makes a 1.6 hour sortie.

November 13, 1991
Ground is broken for L-22 building, new home of the F-22 program.

December 16, 1991
External design of F-22 is frozen during the Air Vehicle Requirements/Design Review Update.

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