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Exercises - Central Command

U.S. Central Command

US Central Command normally deploys about 20,000 personnel in the Gulf region, including about 10,000 Navy sailors and Marines, 6,000 Air Force airmen, and 4,000 Army soldiers. The actual number can fluctuate substantially, with temporary rotation of forces participating in various exercises. In contrast to exercise activities in other theaters, many CENTCOM exercises receive limited or no publicity, reflecting the political sensitivity of the US military presence in the region.

USCENTCOM engagement activities include, first and foremost, current operations, as well as combined exercises, security assistance, combined training, combined education, military contacts, humanitarian assistance, and other activities. This level of activity mandates maintaining access to facilities and building strong relationships with regional leaders.

Since 1993, when CENTCOM had 138 exercises scheduled, CENTCOM has decreased exercises to the point where that in 1999, CENTCOM expected to conduct only 76, a reduction of 45%. During fiscal year 1997, CENTCOM conducted 62 air, land, sea, and special operations exercises. Of these 62 exercises, 30 were conducted using forces already in theater.

Joint and Coalition exercises provide the framework upon which Third Army/ARCENT builds its warfighting capability and supports USCENTCOM. During Fiscal Year 2001, ARCENT conducted ten joint, combined, and coalition exercises and two seminars in the United States and in the AOR. Third Army/ARCENT focuses on training all levels, from company small unit tactics to large-scale multi-national exercises.

Military-to-military contact also supports the Peacetime Engagement Strategy by improving relations with countries in the AOR through seminars, and individual and small group meetings. This interaction allows for discussion of issues, develops individual relationships, and builds trust, confidence, and cohesion between the US Army and those militaries of countries throughout the AOR.

NAMETypeCost $MFrequencyDateHost
Accurate TestFTX2.5annualAprilOman
Arabian GauntletSLOCEXannualMayCOMFIFTHFLT
Beacon FlashFTX0annualOman
Bright StarFTX12.1biennialOctoberEgypt
Desert BreezePHIBEX??????
Eager ArcherKuwait
Eager DancerJCETPakistan
Eager InitiativeFTX0??????
Eager LightJNT FTX7.7biennialJordan
Eager LionJNT FTXannualSummerJordan
Eager MaceFTX0annualAprilKuwait
Eager TigerJordan
Eagle ArenaAIREX0Egypt
Eagle ResolveseminarCENTCOM
Eagle SaluteAIREX0annualApril-MayEgypt
Early VictorJSOTF0biennial / annual ?OctoberJordan
Earnest LeaderCPX1.1annualMaySaudi Arabia
Eastern ActionFTXbiennial Summer Qatar
Eastern CastleFTX9.6 Various various
Eastern EagleFTX1.4?????????
Eastern MaverickPHIBEX0annualMarchQatar
Eastern MeteorFTX0?????????
Eastern ValorJSOTF0?????????
Eastern ViperSOCEX0????Qatar
Ebony Flame0Djibouti
Edged MalletPHIBEXtriennialFebruaryKenya
Ellipse FoxtrotSPOPSFTX8.1
Emerald FalconAIREX????Saudi Arabia
Gambol VentureJCETPakistan
Impelling VictoryFTX0biennialQatar
Indigo AnvilAIREX0??????
Indigo DesertFTX 3.7annualKuwait/Qatar
Indigo MusketPHIBEX0????Saudi Arabia
Inferno Creek????Oman
Infinite AcclaimAIREX0Jordan
Infinite MoonlightPHIBEX0annual Various Jordan
Inherent FuryFTX1.8annualNovember?Bahrain
Initial LinkFTX1.7annualApril-MayBahrain
Inspired AlertPakistan
Inspired GambitFTX0Pakistan
Inspired SirenPakistan
Inspired VentureSOF1.6Pakistan
Inspired UnionPakistan
Internal LookCPXbiennialNovemberUSCENTCOM
Intrinsic ActionFTX8.43 / year Continuous Kuwait
Iris Gold SOCEX1.0 Continuous Kuwait
Iron CobraSOCEX3.5annualNovemberEgypt
Iron MagicFTX0annual????UAE
Lucky SentinelCPXannualMarchKuwait
Lucky WarriorCPXannualJulyARCENT
Native AtlasFTXannual Spring various
Native FuryFTX6.9annual Various Qatar
Natural Firebiennial Summer East Africa
Nautical ArtistAIREX0biennial? Various Saudi Arabia
Nautical MantisPHIBEXSaudi Arabia
Nautical SwimmerMINEX0???
Neon FalconAIRSUREX0annualApril/May Bahrain
Neon ResponseEODEXBahrain
Neon Spark Bahrain
Nectar BendFTX0Ethiopia
Noble PiperFTX0annualApril-MayKenya
Ramses ThunderFTX3.2??????
Red ReefPHIBEX0annualJune Saudi Arabia
Regional Cooperation CPEX0?September
Rugged series FTX2.2??????
Sand Storm0Saudi Arabia
Sea SoldierPHIBEX0annual Various Oman
Ultimate ResolveCPX1.9annualDecember ?Kuwait
Unified TridentFTXannualJanuary

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