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Positive Performance

* 4.1.1 Use of Mobile Subscriber Radio Terminals (MSRTs) [C2-Signal] (II-22)

* 4.3.1 Commander's Planning Guidance [Brigade Maneuver/C2] (II-22)

* 4.3.1 Commander's Fire Support Guidance [Fire Support] (II-22)

* Use of Briefbacks [Battalion Command and Control] (II-22)

* Drop Zone Terrain Management [Combat Service Support] (II-22)

* 4.4.3 Battlefield Circulation [Brigade Maneuver/C2] (II-23)

* 4.4.5 Coordination Between Brigade Signal Officers and MSE Company Commanders [C2-Signal] (II-23)

Needs Emphasis

* 4.1 Information Management [Brigade Maneuver/C2] (II-23,24)

* 4.1 Liaison Officer Employment and Resourcing [Aviation] (II-24)

* 4.1 Battle Tracking [Mobility/Survivability] (II-24,25)

* 4.1 Combat Trains as an Alternate Command Post [Combat Service Support] (II-25)

* 4.1.1 Long Range Surveillance (LRS) Preparation and Coordination [Intelligence] (II-25,26)

* 4.1.1 User/Operator Communications Equipment Skills [C2-Signal] (II-26,27)

* 4.1.2 Pre-Operational Combat Checks and COMEX's [C2-Signal] (II-27)

* 4.1.2 Information Flow between Task Force Signaleers [C2-Signal] (II-27,28)

* 4.1.2 Compromise Procedures and COMSEC Management [C2-Signal] (II-28)

* 4.2 Staff Estimates [Brigade Maneuver/C2] (II-28)

* 4.2 Prepare an Engineer Estimate [Mobility/Countermobility] (II-28,29)

* 4.3 Time Management [Brigade Maneuver/C2] (II-29)

* 4.3 Search and Attack Mission, Concept Development [Battalion Command and Control] (II-29,30)

* 4.3 Wargaming [Battalion Command and Control] (II-30)

* 4.3 Direct Fire Planning [Battalion Maneuver] (II-30,31)

* 4.3 MI Company Planning [Intelligence] (II-31)

* 4.3 BSA Security and Defense [Combat Service Support] (II-31,32)

* 4.3.1 COLT Employment [Fire Support] (II-32)

* 4.3.2 Use Intelligence to Drive Operations [Brigade Maneuver/C2] (II-33)

* 4.3.2 Focusing Combat Power [Brigade Maneuver/C2] (II-33)

* 4.3.2 Ineffective Task Organization [Air Defense] (II-33)

* 4.4 Staff Battle Drills [Brigade Maneuver/C2] (II-34)

* 4.4 MI Company Collective Skills [Intelligence] (II-34,35)

* 4.4.1 Precision in Graphic and Graphic Reproduction/Dissemination [Battalion Command and Control] (II-35)

* 4.4.1 Staff Integration [Combat Service Support] (II-35)

* 4.4.1 Tactical Decision Making Process (TDMP) [Combat Service Support] (II-35,36)

* Backbriefs and Rehearsals [Battalion Maneuver] (II-36)

* Rehearsals [Fire Support] (II-37)

* Air Assault Planning [Aviation] (II-37,38)

* 4.4.5 Synchronization [Brigade Maneuver/C2] (II-38)

* 4.4.5 Staff Integration [Battalion Command and Control] (II-38)

* 4.4.5 Air/Ground Integration [Aviation] (II-38,39)

* 4.4.5 Air/Ground Coordination for the Hasty Attack [Aviation] (II-39)

* 4.4.5 Synchronization During the Deliberate Planning Process [Air Defense] (II-39,40)

* 4.4.5 Combined Arms Obstacle Integration [Mobility/Survivability] (II-40)

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