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3rd & 4th Qtrs, FY97


(NOTE: Trends are numbered sequentially for ease of reference, and are not in any priority order.)


Needs Emphasis

TREND 1: Reconnaissance and Surveillance (R&S) plan development (TA.5.1)

TREND 2: Task Force integration of reconnaissance training into Home Station training (TA.5.1)

TREND 3: Scout platoon execution of reconnaissance and surveillance (R&S) operations (TA.5.1)

TREND 4: (LTP) Planning and supervising the reconnaissance and surveillance (R&S) effort (TA.5.1)

TREND 5: (LTP) Brigade S2 products preparation (TA.5.1)

TREND 6: (LTP) S2 understanding of enemy tactics (TA.5.1)

TREND 7: (LTP) Reconnaissance and Surveillance (R&S) plan refinement (TA.5.1)

TREND 8: (LTP) Engineer involvement in reconnaissance and surveillance (R&S) planning (TA.5.1)

TREND 9: Integration of Air Defense into the Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield (IPB) (TA.5.2.1)

TREND 10: (LTP) Air Defense Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield (IPB) Development (TA.5.2.1)

TREND 11: (LTP) Brigade S2 maintenance of enemy Battle Damage Assessment (BDA) (TA.

TREND 12: Task Force (TF) S2 terrain analysis (TA.5.3.2)

TREND 13: (LTP) Engineer unit use of the Terra Base computer software program (TA.5.3.2)

TREND 14: Event templates and matrices (TA.

TREND 15: Situation Templates (SITEMPS) for use in R&S Planning (TA.

TREND 16: Task Force (TF) S2 development of enemy courses of action (COAs) (TA.5.4.2)

TREND 17: (LTP) S2 Situation template (SITEMP) adjustments (TA.5.4.4)


Needs Emphasis

TREND 1: Heavy task force (TF) use of dismounted infantry (T.A.1.1.1)

TREND 2: Engagement area development (TA.1.2)

TREND 3: Company/team maneuver at the objective (TA.1.2)

TREND 4: (LTP) Establishment of support-by-fire (SBF) positions (TA.1.2)

TREND 5: Company/team use of direct fires during offensive missions (TA.1.2.1)

TREND 6: Company direct fire planning (TA.1.2.1)

TREND 7: Company shifting of direct fires (TA.1.2.1)

TREND 8: Maneuver unit understanding of enemy engagement areas and actions on the objective (TA.1.2.2)

TREND 9: Integration of direct fire with maneuver (TA.1.4)

TREND 10: (LTP) Synchronization of supporting fires (TA.1.4)

TREND 11: (LTP) Task force (TF) integration of heavy and light forces (TA.1.4)


Needs Emphasis

TREND 1: Fire Support Observation Plan (TA.2.1.1)

TREND 2: Assignment of reconnaissance objectives for aviation assets (TA.2.1.1)

TREND 3: Bradley Stinger Fighting Vehicles (BSFVs) in ground support role (TA.2.2.1)

TREND 4: (LTP) Fire Support integration (TA.2.3)


Needs Emphasis

TREND 1: Directed early warnings during air defense operations (TA.3.1.1)

TREND 2: Establishing air defense artillery (ADA) priorities (TA.3.3)


Needs Emphasis

TREND 1: Design and integration of obstacles (TA.6.2.2)

TREND 2: Unit Maintenance Collection Point (UMCP) area security (TA.

TREND 3: Security in the field trains (TA.

TREND 4: (LTP) Brigade fratricide risks during brigade reconnaissance and surveillance (R&S) operations (TA.

TREND 5: Integration of air and ground operations during security missions (TA.6.3.2)

TREND 6: Security Operations (TA.6.3.4)


Needs Emphasis

TREND 1: Recovery missions (TA.

TREND 2: Allocation of medical platoon personnel (TA.7.4.4)

TREND 3: (LTP) Planning for Combat Health Support (CHS) (TA.7.4.4)

TREND 4: Scout platoon maintenance and casualty evacuation (CASEVAC) (TA.

TREND 5: Class III and V reporting and tracking (TA.7.5.2)

TREND 6: Supply and distribution of engineer Class IV and V materials (TA.7.5.2)


Needs Emphasis

TREND 1: Command Post site location and displacement planning (TA.4.1)

TREND 2: Non-mission capable (NMC) vehicle status reporting in the task force (TF) (TA.4.1.2)

TREND 3: Mechanized and armor company/team command information flow and battle tracking (TA.4.1.3)

TREND 4: Task force (TF) fire support element (FSE) situational awareness (TA.4.1.3 )

TREND 5: Unit Maintenance Collection Point (UMCP) command post (CP) battle tracking. (TA.4.1.3)

TREND 6: Field trains command post (FTCP) battle tracking (TA.4.1.3)

TREND 7: Task force (TF) staffs and command posts (CPs) battle tracking (TA.4.1.3)

TREND 8: (LTP) Battalion Tactical Operation Center (TOC) dissemination of current enemy situation (TA.4.1.3)

TREND 9: (LTP) Risk management (TA.4.2)

TREND 10: (LTP) Company/team commanders' situational awareness (TA.4.2)

TREND 11: (LTP) Engineer Battlefield Assessment (EBA) (TA.4.2.1)

TREND 12: Engineer force development of decision points for changing situations (TA.4.2.3)

TREND 13: Task force development of the fire support plan during the Military Decision-Making Process (MDMP) (TA.4.3)

TREND 14: Maintenance planning at the task force (TF) level (TA.4.3)

TREND 15: Planning for employment of attack helicopters (TA.4.3)

TREND 16: (LTP) Brigade staff understanding of the Military Decision-Making Process (MDMP) (TA.4.3)

TREND 17: (LTP) Task force focus on tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) vice doctrine (TA.4.3)

TREND 18: (LTP) Aviation Liaison Officer (ALO) integration into the Military Decision-Making Process (MDMP) (TA.4.3)

TREND 19: (LTP) Brigade planning for fire support (TA.4.3)

TREND 20: (LTP) Armor task force (TF) understanding of the Military Decision-Making Process (MDMP) (TA.4.3)

TREND 21: (LTP) Integration of Special Staff into the Military Decision-Making Process (MDMP) (TA.4.3)

TREND 22: (LTP) Rear battle planning (TA.4.3)

TREND 23: (LTP) Task force wargaming (TA.4.3.4)

TREND 24: (LTP) Task force (TF) synchronization of tactical operations (TA.4.3.4)

TREND 25: (LTP) Brigade targeting team (TA.4.3.4)

TREND 26: Battalion maintenance officer (BMO) troop leading procedures (TA.4.4)

TREND 27: Engineer company time management and tactical assembly area (TAA) discipline (TA.4.4)

TREND 28: (LTP) Brigade S2 section use of standard operating procedures (SOPs) (TA.4.4)

TREND 29: (LTP) Company/team development and use of Tactical SOPs (TACSOPs) (TA.4.4 )

TREND 30: Integration of the medical platoon into the planning process (TA.4.4.1)

TREND 31: Task force (TF) timeline management (TA.4.4.1)

TREND 32: Engineer company planning process (TA.4.4.1 )

TREND 33: Integration of engineer units into the planning process (TA.4.4.1)

TREND 34: (LTP) Essential fire support (FS) tasks and concept of fires development (TA.4.4.1)

TREND 35: (LTP) Task force (TF) executive officer (XO) management of timelines (TA.4.4.1)

TREND 36: (LTP) Time management (TA.4.4.1)

TREND 37: Task force (TF) fire support rehearsals (TA.

TREND 38: Direct fire plan rehearsals (TA.

TREND 39: Maintenance personnel crew-served and individual weapons cleaning (TA.4.4.4)

TREND 40: Unit discipline on the battlefield (TA.4.4.4)

TREND 41: Breach tenets in mission analysis and course of action (COA) development (TA.4.4.5)

TREND 42: Integrating aviation planning into the scheme of maneuver (TA.4.4.5)

TREND 43: (LTP) Synchronization of Tactical Operations (TA.4.4.5)

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