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Positive Performance

* 7.3 Repair of combat vehicles prior to Line of Departure (LD) (II-27)

* Comprehensive religious support to units (II-27,28)

* Logistical reporting to support battalion (II-28)

* Emergency Class V in combat trains (II-28)

* 7.7 Brigade-level use of military police (II-28)

* 7.7 Military police integration with brigade staff (II-28)

* 7.7.2 Area security and circulation control operations (+) (II-28,29)

Needs Emphasis

* 7.3.2 Proper completion of DA Form 2404 and DA Form 5988 (+) (II-29)

* Recovery operations planning (II-29,30)

* S-2 Section: lack of experienced 96B Intelligence Analyst (II-30)

* Synchronization of religious support assets on the battlefield (II-30,31)

* Composition of unit ministry teams (UMTs) (II-31)

* Chaplain support to rear elements (II-31)

* Ministry team understanding of reception, staging, onward movement, integration (RSOI) (II-32)

* 7.4.4 Incorporation of professional filler system (PROFIS) physicians into medical platoon training (II-32)

* Medical evacuation of chemical casualties and KIAs (II-32,33)

* Use of air casualty evacuation assets (II-33)

* 7.4.5 Electronic Support (ES) Team training: use of PRD-12, Portable Radio Direction Finding System (II-33)

* 7.4.5 Leader training: Intelligence and Electronic Warfare (IEW) equipment (II-34)

* 7.4.5 Direct Support (DS) MI Company training: support of HHCs and FSBs (II-34)

* 7.4.5 Air Defense platoon use of Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) equipment (II-34)

* 7.4.5 Preparation and submission of DA Form 1156 (II-35)

* 7.4.5 Soldier knowledge of equipment, i.e., battle sight zeros, NBC and PMCS (II-35)

* 7.5.2 Task Force S-4 missile requests (II-35,36)

* 7.5.2 Task Force ownership of Class IV/ V (mines) supply point (II-36)

* 7.5.2 Materiel readiness tracking from garrison to field environment (II-36)

* 7.5.2 Tracking of high priority Class IX requisitions (II-36,37)

* 7.5.2 Synchronization of Class III (B) supply operations (II-37)

* 7.5.2 Task Force tracking of Class III/III(P) and Class V on-hand status (++) (II-37)

TA.6 Mobility/Survivability BOS & Nuclear/Biological/Chemical (NBC)
TA.1 Maneuver BOS Narrative

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