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Positive Performance

* Decontamination operations (II-18)

Needs Emphasis

* Fundamentals of breaching operations at task force level (+) (II-18,19)

* Interim Fire Support Automated System (IFSAS) computations for placement of minefield modules (II-19)

* 6.2.3 Completion of Minefield Records, DA Form 1355 (II-19)

* 6.3 Electronic Warfare (EW) team survivability enhancements (II-20)

* 6.3 Fire Support: Battery defense (II-20)

* 6.3 Tactical/survivability skills of signal soldiers (II-21)

* 6.3.1 Maneuver forces reaction to chemical agents (II-21,22)

* Forward Support Battalion reaction to minefields (II-22)

* Soldier performance of basic chemical tasks (II-22)

* Emplacement and use of M8A1 Chemical Alarms (II-22,23)

* Decontamination operations by contaminated units (+) (II-23,24)

* 6.3.2 Security of combat formations during periods of preparation for combat (II-24)

* Bradley Stinger Fighting Vehicle (BSFV) platoon anti-jamming measures (II-24)

* Integration of smoke missions (II-25)

* 6.3.4 Security operations at brigade level (II-25,26)

* 6.3.4 Ground Surveillance Radar (GSR) team skills (II-26)

* 6.3.4 Combat Service Support (CSS) units development and execution of base cluster defense plans (II-26,27)

* 6.3.4 Unit Maintenance Collection Point (UMCP) security (II-27)

TA.5 Intelligence BOS
TA.7 Combat Service Support BOS

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