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Index to Joint Enablers

Handbook 10-60
August 2010

CALL Handbook 10-60: Index to Joint Enablers

Table of Contents


Imagine you are the assistant division commander for the 25th Infantry Division and you have just been notified of your designation as a joint task force (JTF) commander. The JTF will be responsible for coordinating the U.S. military response to a 7.1 earthquake that just occurred in the Philippines and has resulted in horrific loss of life and injuries as well as tremendous damage to buildings and infrastructure. Your headquarters will be formed around a standing joint force headquarters from U.S. Pacific Command; however, much of the staff and most of the forces will be provided from other services. This will be your first joint assignment, and you are uncertain what joint capabilities are available to assist you in this mission.

As commanders, we are often faced with situations where we have little experience and little time to prepare. We often wish we had a menu of options to choose from that would provide capabilities to ensure success. The Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL) has attempted to provide such a menu in this handbook.

The intent of this publication is to provide you and your staff a menu of available capabilities that can accelerate the response and increase the capability of a JTF. It describes the mission, capabilities, and contact information for a vast collection of joint capabilities that range from staff augmentation to providing reachback support for the full spectrum of potential situations.

This handbook is also an excellent complement to the previous CALL publication 08-02, Transitioning into Combined/Joint Task Force for the U.S. Army Division and Corps, December 2007.


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