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Index to Joint Enablers Handbook

Handbook 10-60
August 2010

CALL Handbook 10-60: Index to Joint Enablers


and and sea and in the air, space, and cyberspace. The individual services have evolved capabilities and competencies to maximize their effectiveness in their respective domains. Even more important, the ability to integrate these diverse capabilities into a joint whole that is greater than the sum of the service parts is an unassailable American strategic advantage."

-Admiral Mike Mullen, Foreword, Capstone Concept for Joint Operations, Version 3.0, 15 January 2009

The process of forming a joint task force (JTF) may vary based on the assigned mission, the environment in which operations are conducted, the makeup of existing and potential adversaries, or nature of the crisis.

A JTF headquarters may be formed around an existing service headquarters, or a combatant commander may designate a standing joint force headquarters as the core element and augment it with service functional experts. In either case, the JTF commander may have several months or only a few days to plan the mission, train his staff, and request the capabilities required to achieve the end state. As this process continues, shortfalls in required capabilities may become evident, requiring the JTF commander and staff to seek assistance from outside sources.

The JTF staff needs to be aware that many resources are available to augment and enhance the capabilities of the JTF. It is those capabilities that enable the joint force to meet a broad spectrum of challenges.

The intent of this handbook is to provide an index of joint enablers the JTF commander and staff can use to fulfill shortfalls and meet the challenges that come with a JTF. For ease of use, the handbook has been organized around the six Army warfighting functions.

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