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Measuring Stability and Security in Iraq

March 2008
Report to Congress
In accordance with the
Department of Defense Appropriations Act 2008
(Section 9010, Public Law 109-289)

Annex A - List of Acronyms and Abbreviations

AQI 	al Qaeda in Iraq
ASCA 	Acquisition and Cross Servicing Agreement
AT 		Advisory Team
AWOL	Absent Without Leave
BCT 	Brigade Combat Team
BaOC 	Basrah Operations Command
BEAR-OC Budget Execution and Acquisition Requirements Operation Center
BMC 	Basic Medic Course
BOC 	Baghdad Operations Command
BSU 	Base Support Unit
C2 		Command and Control
CAAT 	Coalition Army Advisory Training Team
CAFTT 	Coalition Air Force Transition Team
CCC-I 	Central Criminal Court of Iraq
CLOC 	Combined Logistics Operations Center
COP 	Combat Outposts
CoR 	Council of Representatives
CLC 	Concerned Local Citizen
CMATT 	Coalition Military Assistance Training Team
COIN 	Counterinsurgency
CRC 	Constitutional Review Committee
CSP 	Community Stabilization Program
CTB 	Counter Terrorism Bureau
CTC 	Counter Terrorism Command
CY 		Calendar Year
DBE 	Directorate of Border Enforcement
DDA 	Directorate of Defense Affairs
DDR 	Demobilization, Disarmament, and Reintegration
DFAS 	Defense Finance and Accounting Service
DGIS 	Directorate General for Intelligence and Security
DLI 	Defense Language Institute
DoIA 	Directorate of Interior Affairs
DTC 	Divisional Training Center
EFP 	Explosively Formed Penetrator
EIB 	Engineering Infrastructure Battalion
ePRT 	Embedded PRT
FMS 	Foreign Military Sales
FOB 	Forward Operating Base
FPS 	Facilities Protection Service
GDP 	Gross Domestic Product
GoI 	Government of Iraq
GSU 	Garrison Support Unit
HJC 	Higher Juridical Council
HMMWV 	High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle
HR 		Human Resources
I2N 	Iraqi Intelligence Network
IA 		Iraqi Army
IAIB 	Iraqi Army Infrastructure Battalions (formerly SIB)
IAMP 	Iraqi Army Maintenance Program
IASSI 	Iraqi Army Service and Support Institute
ICI 	International Compact with Iraq
IDP 	Internally Displaced Person
IED 	Improvised Explosive Devices
IG 		Inspector General
IGFC 	Iraqi Ground Forces Command
IMF 	International Monetary Fund
INCTF 	Iraqi National Counter-Terrorism Force
INT-TT 	Intelligence Transition Team
IOC 	Initial Operating Capability
IPA 	International Police Advisor
IPS 	Iraqi Police Service
IqAF 	Iraqi Air Force
IRGC-QF Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps - Qods Force
IRRF 	Iraq Relief and Reconstruction Fund
IRROC 	Integrated Resource Requirements and Oversight Committee
ISF 	Iraqi Security Forces
ISFF 	Iraqi Security Forces Funds
ISCI 	Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq
ISOF 	Iraqi Special Operations Forces
ISR 	Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
ISWCS 	Iraqi Special Warfare Center and School
ITAO 	Iraq Transition Assistance Office
JAM 	Jaysh al-Mahdi
JHQ 	Joint Headquarters
JIATF 	Joint Interagency Task Force
JSS 	Joint Security Station
JTERP 	Joint Technical Education and Reintegration Program
KRG 	Kurdistan Regional Government
LAOTF 	Law and Order Task Force
LOA 	Letter of Acceptance
LOR 	Letter of Request
LSSR 	Life-Support Self-Reliance
MaSTT 	Maritime Strategic Transition Team
mbbl/d 	Million Barrels Per Day
MCC 	Major Crimes Court
MiTT 	Military Transition Teams
MNC-I 	Multi-National Corps-Iraq
MND-SE 	Multi-National Division-Southeast
MNF-I 	Multi-National Force-Iraq
MNSTC-I Multi-National Security Transition Command-Iraq
MoD 	Ministry of Defense
MoE 	Ministry of Electricity
MoF 	Ministry of Finance
MoH 	Ministry of Health
MoI 	Ministry of Interior
MoIM 	Ministry of Industry and Minerals
MoI-TT 	Ministry of Interior Transition Team
MoJ 	Ministry of Justice
MoLSA 	Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs
MoO 	Ministry of Oil
MOSQ 	Military Occupational Specialty Qualification
MRAP 	Mine Resistant Ambush Protected
MTOE 	Modified Table of Organization and Equipment
MWh 	Megawatt hours
NAD 	National Ammunition Depot
NaTT 	Naval Transition Team
NCO 	Non-Commissioned Officer
NIIA 	National Information and Investigation Agency
NP 		National Police
NTM-I 	NATO Training Mission - Iraq
NVG 	Night Vision Goggle
OIF 	Operation Iraqi Freedom
OMS 	Office of the Martyr Sadr
OTIP 	Officer Transition Integration Program
PAC 	Procurement Assistance Center
PBIED 	Person Borne Improvised Explosive Device
PDoP 	Provincial Director of Police
PHC 	Public Healthcare Centers
PIC 	Provincial Iraqi Control
PJCC 	Provincial Joint Command and Control Headquarters
PoE 	Directorate of Ports of Entry
PKK 	Kurdistan Worker's Party
PRT 	Provincial Reconstruction Team
PST 	Provincial Support Teams
PTT 	Police Transition Team
REO 	Regional Embassy Office
ROLC 	Rule of Law Complex
RTC 	Regional Training Center
SAI 	Sahawa al-Iraq
SBA 	Stand-By Arrangement
SG 		Special Groups
SIB 	Strategic Infrastructure Battalion
SOI 	Sons of Iraq
SVBIED 	Suicide vehicle-borne IED
TF-BSO 	Task Force to Improve Business and Stability Operations-Iraq
UN 		United Nations
UNAMI 	United Nations Assistance Mission Iraq
UNSCR 	UN Security Council Resolution
USAID 	United States Agency for International Development
VBIED 	Vehicle-borne IED

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