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Measuring Stability and Security in Iraq

June 2007
Report to Congress
In accordance with the
Department of Defense Appropriations Act 2007
(Section 9010, Public Law 109-289)

Section 2-Iraqi Security Forces Training and Performance

2.1 Assessed Capabilities of the Iraqi Security Forces

Approximately 346,500 personnel have received training for the Objective Counterinsurgency Force (OCF) and the Objective Civil Security Force (OCSF) of the 2007 objective of approximately 370,000. An additional 18,000 military personnel have been trained as part of a replenishment initiative, with another 10,300 of a planned 12,000 trained as part of the 10% manning increase for the Iraqi Army. The table on the right depicts the number of personnel who have received training from Coalition forces since 2003. The Iraqi Army has been issued over 100% of its initial equipment authorizations, although some equipment items have not been uniformly distributed. The Iraqi police have been issued 89% of critical equipment. Due to battle damage, normal wear and tear and theft, some Army units and police stations may have current equipment shortfalls.

Given the persistence of the violence by insurgents, terrorists and militias, the Iraqi forces will require continued training, development and equipping to be able to progressively assume missions from Coalition forces. The Coalition focuses on four major areas in building the capacity of the Iraqi MoD and MoI and their respective forces: (1) developing ministerial capacity; (2) improving the proficiency of military and police forces through the assistance of embedded advisors; (3) building the logistic and sustainment capabilities of the MoD and MoI; and (4) supporting expansion of the Iraqi Army and the creation of a National Police Samarra brigade through the Prime Minister's Initiative. The existing Iraqi-run training bases are functioning at full capability to achieve these replenishment goals. Military Transition Teams (MiTTs) and National Police Transition Teams (NPTTs) composed of over 6,000 advisors organized into over 500 teams are embedded at all levels of Iraqi military and National Police (NP) units, and in many police stations and border enforcement units as well, to assist Iraqi units achieve full capability.

Total Number of Trained Iraqi Security Forces

As of May 14, 2007, 101 Iraqi Army combat battalions have been generated and are conducting operations at varying levels of capability; an additional 38 battalions are being generated. There are two Special Operations Battalions, both conducting operations. Of the 17 planned Strategic Infrastructure Battalions (SIBs), 13 are assessed as being able to conduct operations side by side with Coalition forces or are in the lead. Of the 101 Iraqi Army combat battalions conducting operations, 95 have the lead in counterinsurgency operations in their areas of responsibility (AOR). Additionally, 27 NP battalions are operational, with seven capable of leading operations with Coalition support, but none is assigned the lead in a specific AOR. All but one of the nine NP brigades are conducting security operations in Baghdad. The remaining brigade is currently conducting retraining at the Numaniyah Training Facility as part of the National Police Transformation plan. Five brigades have completed the retraining as of 14 May 07. A brigade-sized operational reserve consisting of a mechanized battalion from the Army, an NP battalion, and a Special Forces company has been established.

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